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1st Anniversary.. What To Get Them??

has it been a year already?

good gravy.. Chuck and Camilla made it through the first year and no word yet of them fighting over whose butler/flunky squeezes the toothpaste from the wrong end...

Surely some trinket should be tossed their way as a token nod to the future king and his trusty steed?
I would get Charlie Farlie a years free membership to Arrse so he can keep in contact with his subjects and let him embrace the spirit of us serving/retired guys and our attitudes as we help him mould the nation. Camilla should get a Carl Gustav up the Gary Glitter from 3 Para Mortar Team.
For Him;- a reality check and a personality transplant
For Her;- A visit to fang farrier to get them molars sorted, a course of treatment from a decent plastic surgeon, and a one way ticket to outer mongolia or some other remote part of the world.

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