1st Aid moral(?) dilema

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RangeStew, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. No, I'd help

  2. Yes, walk away from the little sh*t

  1. You are one of the first to get to the scene of a motorbike that has crashed into a tree, the casualty is moaning quietly, he had no helmet on and has an obvious broken leg. You then realize that the casualty is a young chav with many many convictions for nicking motorbikes/cars and has many ASBO's, he is a well known nasty little chav tw*t.

    You could give 1st aid but decide not to and walk away.

    Bad boy or good drills ?
  2. as the good bible said turn the other cheek and walk away............. what do you mean i cant pick and choose which bit to listern too??
  3. Sorry despite the fact he is a Chav my first instinct would be to administer first aid, I just couldn't walk away.

    However if this was the NAAFI my answer may have been different
  4. Bieng a keen Biker I would have to walk away having first administered pain relief - a good stomp on the other leg will take his mind off the broken one. :D
  5. Thats why I went for the Int Cell, I'm looking for truer answers.
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I'd reset his leg... on the spot.
  7. I'd probably help but give him a lecture at the same time. A nice captive audience. If he's not paying attention give his leg a shake. :twisted:
  8. Two questions spring to mind:

    1) Is the bike worth having?

    2) What casualty?
  9. I'd stop to administer first aid, making sure he was as uncomfortable as possible, so the pain was that intense, he'd think twice about riding a motorbike again. ;)
  10. I'd go through the cnut's pockets
  11. 1st thing to do would be assess the situation, go through his pockets (well you never know) , then call ambulance
  12. I suspect that any attempt I made to help him would be prevented by the intense heat and flames.

    RIP brave solja

    Braap braap
  13. Nowadays people get sued for administering 1st aid on the spot. So I would make him sign a disclaimer before doing anything.
  14. Unfortunately I'd be compelled to give first aid, my missis is a nurse, she has to treat all sorts of losers and wasters who are in with serious heart conditions, a lot of them are in that state through drug abuse. She cant play god, neither could I.

    So next time I run the little f^ck off the road I'll make sure he's snuffed it.
  15. when the local scroate fell off his motorbike in the road.
    I quickly phoned the non emergancy line and after a wait.
    informed them seemed quite upset with I did explain had phoned several times to complain about his antics riding on pavement etc etc.