1SCOTS /The Royal Scots Borderers/ Minden Day

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Busterdog, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Today is Minden Day. One of the unamalgamated Minden regiments, The King's Own Scottish Borderers (25th Foot), joins The Royal Scots (1st Foot), also previously unamalgamated and the oldest regiment in the British Army to form 1st Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland (aka 1SCOTS or The Royal Scots Borderers) and thus take their rightful place as the senior infantry of the line regiment.

    The amalgamation ceremony at Dreghorn will include the presentation of Minden roses to all ranks by the Commanding Officer 1SCOTS and their Representative Colonel Brigadier Andrew Jackson late KOSB.

    While it is a sad day for both distinguished and proud regiments (despite the political spin) I wish the new 1SCOTS the best of luck for a long, happy (and as glorious as their predecessors) life.
  2. As one who almost joined up with 1 RS and had a few meetings up at the Castle and spent some time with them in Germany I wish them and their new 'brothers in arms' all the best for the future.

    In a perfect world the amalgamation wouldnt have happened, but it has, and am sure all concerned will make the best of it.
  3. A sad day indeed buster. Good luck to the new regiment, it has a hard act to follow, however I very much doubt it'll be found wanting.
  4. At ITC the Queens Division had their Minden Day presentation (led by their Viking OC) and the representatives from the RSB turned up to receive their roses too.

    All in all a good day for the recruits - getting to see the combined regimental pride of the Royal Anglians, PWRR, Fusiliers and Royal Scots Borderers. It was just a pity the LI (representing the Yorkshire Light Infantry) couldn't have joined the show.
  5. If anyone has photographs of the KOSB's final parade and troop in Edinburgh would they please post them? Likewise of the Royal Scots Borderers formation parade. I would appreciate it. Also a copy of General John Cooper's final address to the King's Own Scottish Borderers.