1RMI Dual Nationality Block?

I am looking to join 1RMI TA, and was told that there could be a problem as though I am British born and raised, with the passport to prove it, there could be a problem due to my having a French passport through my mother. Does anyone know anything about this seemingly irrational block to joining?

Also, what are the sort of checks that the TA do with your GP? I've had some problems with depression in the past, and though this is now passed and sorted, I'm worried my past could come back to haunt me now. Otherwise I am fit and healthy.



Don't know for sure about the passport issue, so I won't try to give advice on that one.

But about the depression - This is a very mixed issue. Some will say (and have had the experience) of it being a simple and solid bar to entry, no-further-questions-thankyou-goodbye type scenario.

However, when I was first joining there was a lad who had problems with depression, and had even been given medication (for a brief period) but had been free and clear of any problems for a couple of years. Intitially, there were a lot of ums and ahs and chin stroking going on - But he went to his doc, and got a letter stating that he had been clear for a good amount of time and was perfectly fine and he got in without too much fuss.

The best advice I can give you is talk to the unit you wish to join about both your problems. They should be very approachable about it and should try and help you resolve them.
Good luck, keep us posted.

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