1p Off Beer! Cheers Mr. Osborne!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mugatu, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. That'll keep the wolves from the door!
  2. It's like a pat on the back whilst repeatedly kicking you in the nuts!
  3. If you drink 1000 pints a week, you'll save a tenner.... Big deal.
  4. The Slug will save a fortune! Especially if they reduce the price of Brasso.
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  5. That means that your "responsible drinker" 20 units per week can save 10 pence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or in my case every 1,000 pints I can save a tenner. Big fucking deal. However cancelling the beer tax escalator is a result.
  6. Bread and circuses, bread and fucking circuses. The slimy cunts.
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  7. Just make your own.

    Job jobbed.

    In lieu of any meaningful support towards having a stay at home parent in the family, my frau is a dab hand now at producing pretty much everything from scratch. Good news is the heat from the cooker also warms the house, and she brings back the odd bit of wood for the front room fire from dog walking.

    My blueberry bushes are packing a good yield too.
  8. Felicity Kendal walt :)
  9. Unless you smoke, then you're fucked.
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  10. Go to Belgium
  11. I gave up a few years ago but as I'm in europe every week I still wouldn't give a shit.
  12. Calm down, dears, although the chancellor may have taken 1p off the duty on a pint, that's not to say that the breweries/pubs will take 1p off the price.

    Now I know that it works the other way around, when he puts 1p on a pint the fucking breweries/pubs have hiked the price before you can run to your local on the corner of the street for a last pint of the cheaper stuff. However, if anyone is able to evidence a single pub in the country that has reduced the price of its beer tonight I'll show my arse in (whatever has replaced) Woolworths.
  13. A ridiculous attempt at being popular with the plebs whilst everything he touches turns to shit. He knows as much about the habits of "the man in the street" as he does about Greggs pasties the utter cock.
  14. I think your cheeks will be covered. I saw the slimy shitcunt standing outside Downing Street on the news earlier, made me want to glass him, he did. Its like seeing someone you hate do something normal. 'Look at the cunt breathing over there, like he owns the fucking place, wanker.'
  15. Im willing to bet everyone in who has posted so far would also be whining on here about any increase in the price of beer. It might only be 1p, but when was the last time beer tax was reduced?