19th February : 1 French Mountain Rifle KIA in Afghanistan RC-E

Yesterday night, a French Chasseurs Alpin from the 7 BCA (Mountain Rifle Bn) was KIA by RPG and SAF in the village of Landarkhel in RC-E. His VAB APC was hit in a night ambush during a resupply convoy between Tagab and Nijrab.

Two other French soldiers, one from the 7 BCA and one from the 132 BCAT (K9 unit) were WIA.

This could be an INS reaction to the capture of a senior INS leader in the area by FRA forces earlier in February.



RIP. "Soldat de France"
Rest in Peace.

Private 1 Class Vincent Chamarier, 19, 7 Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins, KIA Yesterday.


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