1998 Yamaha YZF R1 - ARRSE Only offer!

It's got to go, I've been saying it for years but the time has really come now.

My 1998 R1, Blue, in original condition with addition of an Ohlins multi setting damper.

It has a blue tinted screen and micron can but I have the original screen and can with it.

28000 genuine miles, some service history. Never been dropped.

This bike has been in storage at the bike club in Middle Wallop for the last 2 years and will require some attention. The day that I put it in storage it was serviced and had a new battery, the tyres are nearly new but will need to be checked.

It was always VERY well looked after, to the point of obsession.

It is one of the very first R1s in the UK so is the original full power model which was later tuned down (99 onwards) because it was "a bit mental", to be honest the steering damper removes the fear. I am the second owner although the first one only had it for 600 miles and couldn't handle it. I got it from Acklams in Harrogate and they did all the servicing, tyre changes etc.

There are a couple of arrsers who can vouch for this bike if they can remember it. Bad CO will have only ever seen the back end of it :p

The 98 models appear to be going up in value now and a quick look on bike trader is suggesting that I can ask between 2600-3000 for it. This will be the range I will be looking at when advertising publicly but happy to go lower on here.

I am going to advertise nationally unless I can get a buyer by word of mouth/arrse.

Anyone who may be interested please PM me, I will accept any reasonable offer from an arrser with the caveat that they can meet me and collect from Middle Wallop. Obviously I would expect someone to see it before buying.

Happy to post pics if anyone wants to have a gander.
My dream bike..... sadly I could never do it justice , as middle age looms large in my rear view mirror it has become apparent that my reactions and an unhealthy dose of common sense mean my mind is now faster than my body.
Good luck with your sale and if you know of anyone who wants an RD 350 LC then I have an outstanding example for reluctant sale .
Sorry for hijacking the R1 thread ...
Its a non power-valve X reg 350 lc , rebuilt it a few (2) years ago , every bearing was changed for genuine Yam ones , the crank was rebuilt and welded by God himself ( Stan Stevens ) it had new pistons and rings in stage 2 barrels , runs still with the auto-lube pump , uses KN air filters and Swarbrick expansions with TZ end cans . The frame is stove enameled and still has center stand lugs , it has an metchamex alloy swing arm , micron fork-brace , TZ steering damper and Raask rearsets but standard bars . I have most standard parts but not exhausts . Comes with a mountain of good spares ... crank ,top end, carbs , brake calipers , wheels , swing arm ,rad , its white with the blue decals. It is in excellent condition and pulls a crowd when ever parked up

It is not a mint just left the factory bike , the rear light has been moved back and the rear mudguard modded , just like we used to , the V5 gives the frame no as 4L1##### which means it may well be a 250 frame ( the number is not readable due to the stove enammelling, the engine is a 4L0 numbered engine . The indicators are not original , I built the bike to be ridden not put in a front room , it starts first or second kick and is 100% reliable .

PM me with an email addy and I will send some pics , located just south of LGW not far from M23/ A 23 or the A22 . Tax , Mot , are due end of this month .. last year I rode it to the MOT , home again and it stayed parked up in a dry warm building for the rest of the year , not what it was built for . I'm reluctant to ebay it due to the tossers and time wasters , I also don't want it to be brought and then broken for parts , its not cheap but I feel realisticaly priced for what you are getting ... but not the 3-4 thousand some people try for on ebay . I won't split bike from spares .
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