1994 pattern DPM smock insignia

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by steph68, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone, does anyone remember what kind of insignia was worn on 1994 pattern combat smocks ? All I'm sure of is that NCOs patches were on the right upper arm. Thanks a lot !
  2. Oy lazy bolloxs, Google is your friend.

    ......but we used brassards, slides attached to the centre of the chest e.g Artic windproofs, small chevrons on an olive square, RM Style chevrons......whatever we fancied really.

    Look up the Opsrey books for more details.
  3. [​IMG]

    Same as what you wore on the previous pattern smocks.
  4. Para wings on right arm
    AACC butterknife on left arm
    SAS wings above left chest pocket, same with pilot wings
    Military trained caterer (MTC) badge on right forearm.
  5. Pegasus patch under the collar, if you were a 5 Airborne Bde refusenik ....
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  6. On 1994 pattern combat jackets?
  7. Yes, commonly worn by hats in the Bde when their one issued para smock was in the wash.

    The dirty hats.
  8. Up until Oct 1994 - I was wearing a rank patch - light green with black stripes tended to melt a little if the iron was too hot. Para wings if qualified or commando dagger. Signallers had their flags and if you were a good shot I seem to remember some sort of crossed rifles affair - needless to say I was not barn doors were pretty safe around me. Also we had a kind of DPM plaited lanyard to attach our jack knife on - It think it was on the left shoulder - still have it and the smock somewhere. I also had a black adder issued but never put it on so it must have been issued around 94. pm and I'll photo it for you