1990 Series - Edward Woodward


Did just google it. "1990 Series - Edward Woodward"
May be a case of working through all the results!
Good luck!!

Clicky again

The first link is to a site where somebody asks for the very series and gives a link to yet another site that supposedly flogs it. Couldn't find it there but as they had it before, they might have it again.

The second link is for somebody selling it but in the US. I'm not sure in what format they're selling it, so a multi-region dvd player might be needed.


I remember that series when it was on TV. Everything in it has now come to pass so it has probably been buried by MiniTruth. Even mentioning it is probably now a thoughtcrime.

Must go there's someone at the........

The Sailor

Just sent you a PM LordVonHarley, I looked up a site and here is a description which may suit todays scenario :D

The series is set in a dystopian future (dubbed "Nineteen Eighty-Four plus six" by its creator Wilfred Greatorex) where Britain is under the grip of the Department of Public Control, a tyrannically oppressive bureaucracy riding roughshod over the population's civil liberties. Edward Woodward played Jim Kyle, a journalist who turns renegade and begins to covertly fight the PCD The officials of the PCD in turn try to prove Kyle's rebellious activities.


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