1988 v 2008

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Dramatically better

  2. Better but not significantly

  3. Only slighly better

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  4. Essentially the the state has not been changed

  5. Rather worse

  6. Worse

  7. Much worse

  1. We can buy more gimmicky, non-essential stuff but man is living by bread alone these days and the price of a loaf has shot up.

    He's a cunt. So are the rest of the weasaling, seasonally-adjusting nest-feathering bastards.
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What s-as-carrots said!!! :D
  3. I think is worse, but our today still better than Russia today, our today is better than the USSR back then and our back then just kicked the Soviets out of the ball park!

    Having said that, I miss you commie fatherlesses, I miss the IGB and defending German maidens who would give up their cherry to the glorious BAOR!
  4. There is a world credit crisis.
    Mr Sraw should talk to the chancellor, he was talking about it today.
    Mortgages for the average house are now 8 times the average wage, compared to 4 or 5 times in the mid 80's.
  5. Bloody Hell! even the verminous pigeons are saying it now..."Whens the Coo, ...Whens the Coo".

    I,m gonna save up for a pint.
  6. Best line in that new Bond movie had to be M: "God, I miss the Cold War!"
  7. Aside from the city centres of a few Labour voting cities (e.g. Liverpool), the place is in far greater rag order than in 1998.

    Societally, you must be completely blind if you think it is better! Britain has become a nasty place (I only see it once or twice a year, and with such snapshots you really notice the difference).

    I guess that "dramatically better" vote is Sven... it would have to be. Or a wah.
  8. The place is a fooking shambles today.

    Self Apologist ********* running the country, and any old Johnny Foreigner taking money, literally for nothing (but the chicks are free.)
  9. If he'd said 1978, I would have agreed. We were in shit state then. Since 1988? Nope.
  10. Somebody voted yes!

    Where's Sven?
  11. I used to do lots of MOD work,before Bae took over the ROF.We were a busy little plating firm. now there is barely enough around to merit the 3 employees we have. We used to do all RollsRoyce/Bentley`s tech plating,and most of it was made down the road in the Gardener Diesel Engines works down the road.
    All bentleys pipes are now made and plate in Poland or Holland. They still have some engineering capacity. We feel like we are being beaten all along the road
  12. Not voted, but I look at the state of my brothers school then - and look at it now. I look at the state of hospitals and waiting lists then and look at them now. I look at the fiddled unemployment figures of 1988 and look at them now.

    However - I look at the fredoms we had and those which are eroded now. I look at the cost of going through university then and look at the cost now. I look at the divide between the haves and have nots then and now.

    I think that for different reasons there is catastrophe looming which will take us into waters not even dreamed about by Thatcher, that despair and fear is just around the corner if we let our liberties fall the way this government want.

    For reasons totally different to the juvenile arguements bandied on the forum, if this government is not called to book then we will be be going into dark places that have echoes of the soviet system.

    I have now voted - things, for different reasons are just as mmuch on the edge of despair.
  13. Sven,

    Do you write this because you think Thatcher was a visionary, or because you thought she was leading us (or led us) into troubled waters?
  14. I think that She and her government destroyed our country and for that I will despise Her for ever