1986 squaddie confession, was this you?

I think something like this happened with 2 Royal anglain in Celle in 86, I was down in Hohne at the time, but yes,

very funny!

Doesnt beat the battle of oznabruck in 87 though!
I do remember being paraded one morn in 1986 in Holdfast Camp, Belize along with my mates, so that a 14/20 Hussars SNCO could check our hands for pink paint! Someone (40 Cmdo or 29 cmdo RA, but not us RE types..we didnt think of it in time!) had painted the Scimitars (with red lead and white paint all nicely mixed together) using a bass broom!
Was that the one with CS gas and dogs used in the 99 club?

don't know the name of the club but 1 coy of Green Jackets fought off 3 coys of Irish Rangers ....

heard boths sides, boths dies obviously claim victory and how the other side 'got as severe kickin ..' but I am only going off hearsay at the time,

I was having a great night out in Celle at the time :)

Her name was Astrid ..... she was most welcoming ;-)
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