1985-1989 Game Fowl-Cockfights, Argentina Race Horses


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Then, and if you have not been born yet when Betamax VHS invaded our Philippines in 1975 - 1985 when I covered these videos, GET, but read first the explanation of what Betamax-VHS and Video8 are:

Qtr Century Close Encounter w/ 3 Dwarves: 1985-1989-2001 Video8 Betamax-VHS 60 YouTube Videos

1985-1989 Game Fowl-Cockfights, 2000 "Pahayag" (Dire Prophecy) & 11 Argentina Race Horses 2001


Again, I'm back sayin HELLO to all of you, with my tons of vintage-collection just uploaded-retrieved 1985 1989 2001 Betamax-VHS-Video8 YouTube 60 Videos
a) 1985 1989 Game Fowl-Cockfights b) 2001"Pahayag" (Dire Prophecy) & c) 11 Argentina Race Horses 2001.

I opted to share with you today, First Saturday, July 4, 2009 3 p.m., one of the most powerful Fridays of the year, these videos, prefatory to my 10th anniversary-LONGEST indefinite PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION of 68.9 months (of being jobless, without work, trabaho, occupations, business amid the CURSED July 20, 1999 suspension and my separation from judicial service on April 7, 2006, the birthday of dwarf Angel, when I and these 3 dwarfs were Googled infamous, famous and immortal in history).



Prefatory: Importance of the retrieved vintage-collection-QTR of a Century items-MEDIA: 1985 1989 2001 Betamax-VHS-Video8 YouTube 60 Videos

This is a master THESIS on 1985-1990 Game Fowl-Cockfighting, 2000 Dire Prophecy and 2001 Horsemanship-Equestrianism on VIDEO.


For those of you who haven't been born yet in 1985, this PLANET had only Betamax and VHS videos vis-a-vis TV and Movies. About 1976 to 1989, there were no Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, IMAX, optical discs, internet, YouTube, and Philippine politics and culture were immersed in betamax and VHS movie rentals and sales. For the average Filipinos who can afford, nuptials and baptism video coverage did cost $ 500 each with editing, while today,
video coverage business had almost died due to proliferation of cheap digicams and multi-media for video coverages, to the extent that today, video coverage of nuptials and mariages could cost only $ 20 especially if students who have handycams would cover the events.

Betamax (sometimes termed Beta) is an obsolete home videocassette tape recording format developed by Sony, and released on May 10, 1975. Camcorders: Sony used the Beta format to produce a one-piece camcorder for consumers - the Betamovie. VHS manufacturers countered with the VHS-C format, and Sony eventually introduced the Video-8 format to compete with the VHS-Compact format. For more information, see the article on camcorders. Video Home System, better known by its abbreviation VHS, is a video tape recording standard developed during the 1970s. VHS was one-half of the famous VHS vs Betamax war. Betamax came beta, Japanese word describing the way signals recorded onto the tape, looked like Greek letter "Beta" (β). The suffix -max came from "maximum" to suggest greatness.

In later years, optical disc formats began to offer better quality than video tape, and took over in film studios, then retailers, and finally video rental stores. By 2006, most major film studios stopped releasing new movie titles in VHS format, opting for others such as DVD and Blu-ray. VHS was the winner of a protracted and somewhat bitter format war during the late 1970s and early 1980s against Sony's Betamax format. Betamax held an early lead in the format war — but by 1981, U.S. Betamax sales had sunk to only 25% of all sales. In 1985 Sony of Japan introduced the Handycam, one of the first Video8 cameras with commercial success. Much smaller than the competition's VHS and Betamax video cameras, Video8 became very popular in the consumer camcorder market.

On June 2009, or last month, I accidentally met Joy (Jatros photo line) an plane engineer who, with his father at Panasahan, Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines, had invested lots of moneys on video transfer, editing and coverage materials and equipments since 1978. I showed them my dirty with white fungi 1985 1989 2001 Betamax-VHS-Video8 videocassettes, and for measly sums which they charged me, I was so amazed how they transferred my 1985 1989 2001 collection videocassettes from Betamax-VHS-Video8 to DVD-VCD mpg format files for YouTube. I spent about weeks to upload and audioswap plus ANNOTATE these 60 videos, thusly:

My collection 1985-1989 Game Fowl Farm, live Cockpits, 2000 Bustos Dam and 2001 Subic Bay videos used - a) maxell EPITAXIAL VIDEOCASSETTE, 150M Beta L-500RX[P], RX[PRO], Maxell Corporation of America, 60 Oxford D Ave., Moonachie, New Jersey 07074, Made in Japan & SONY Dynamicron L-500HG, Beta-format videocasette tape; b) Video8 - A small form factor tape based upon Betamax technology, using 8 mm tape, was also used in these videos.The 8 mm video format refers informally to three related videocassette formats for the NTSC and PAL/SECAM television systems, c) the March 8, 2001 horse videos used FUJI H471S Double Coating videocasette S VHS system ST-120 (246 m/807') Fuji Photo Film Co. LTD. Tokyo 106 Japan 20-30 Naishiazabu, 2-chrome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106 Japan.

The 1985 1989 Game Fowl-Cockfights, 2001"Pahayag" (Dire Prophecy) & 11 Argentina Race Horses 2001 videos were all covered (paid by-to) Judge Floro's neighbor, Mr. Edwin Bordador using Sony Betamax and VHS camcorders and later, Video8 Cameras.

Part I - The Kingdom of LUIS, Armand and Angel in Osaka, Japan and Philippines, June 2, 1983 to May, 2009: Quarter of a Century Violet Lights


LUIS (January 7, 1960), Armand (January 31), age 40, and Angel, age 32, are the Philippines mystic and healing dwarfs ("duendes"). As "King of kings" of elementals in the entire universe, LUIS solely possesses the ultimate and supreme "violet light" and other powers which no spirit guide ever had or acquired. These 3 holy angels of God appeared for the first time to Robert V. Floro, the 5th and youngest brother of Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. at 7:10 p.m., on June 2, 1983, at the backyard of the ancestral house and lot of Judge Floro, during the wake (ceremony) of Florentino C. Floro, Sr. The 3 dwarfs whispered to Robert, promising him a lifetime covenant, as his guardian angels: "Obet, we are LUIS, Armand and Angel, we will never forsake you!"


LUIS, Armand and Angel were born in Osaka, Japan, as the eldest, second and third children of seamster and seamstress, dressmakers, tailors, garment workers, dwarves king Ben, age 70, and queen Luisa, age 65. The other children are Larry, Luisa and the youngest, Maria, who all reside in Osaka, Japan. Their cousins are Benjamin (Benny) and Estelita. LUIS, Armand and Angel finished elementary education at Osaka Japan Elementary School. They never studied thereafter since they are the richest in the entire universe, living at the Osaka Kingdom in extreme wealth. LUIS, Armand and Angel had chosen Robert as their sole ward as spirit guides, since they decided that "Robert is a good boy." LUIS, Armand and Angel had chosen Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. as their sole instrument and friend under dalliance or sacred covenant on March 1, 1996, First Friday, at 6:00 a.m. because, he is poor, that is, jobless, has no work or trabajo and occupation.


On or about December, 1983, Judge Floro's mother Milagros Velasquez Floro had experienced many unexplained illnesses, prompting Judge Floro to seek the help of the Philippines' best doctors including Col. Miguel Cornejo, Jr., who availed of advanced and experimental geriatric medicines (like pancreanexin, a $ 20 per ampule extract from pancreas of live sheep). Because of medical failures, Judge Floro, who was and is a pure scientist and skeptic, had no choice but to consult Filipino faith healers Mang Polding and Mang Andres, of Balanga, Bataan. After using pure water plus prayers, these healers cured Milagros of black dwarf possession.


April 7, 1984 - Birthday of Angel, Judge Floro placed 12th in 1983 Bar Exams, 87.55% :::: April 7, 2006, Birthday of Angel, Judge Floro and the 3 mystic dwarves became infamous, world-famous, Googled in history







On or about January, 1984, while waiting for the results of his Bar Exams, Judge Floro had visited more than 40 psychics and healers from Bulacan, Cavite and Bataan. During his travels, Judge Floro had been interested in treasure hunting. LUIS, Armand and Angel had informed Robert that there was a hidden treasure at Calvario, Meycauayan, Bulacan. Judge Floro, however, challenged Robert to submit proof that these dwarves did exist. Parenthetically, Judge Floro and his classmates were told by their Ateneo de Manila University professor (in education and statistics electives), Fr. Candelaria, S.J., that Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J. (the father of Philippine psychology and Chair of the Ateneo psychology department) had regularly fed his dwarf "Dwendeling."

Hidden Treasure, 1984 and Breeding of Fighting Cocks, 1984 - 1990


On or about November, 1984, Judge Floro again challenged LUIS to produce money so that the former could begin digging the treasure. LUIS told Robert that Judge Floro would obtain the money from fighting cocks per bets. Judge Floro therefore bought fighting cocks. The first cock named "Hagibis" won but Judge Floro earned only P 1,100. The same cock was entered in the Meycauayan Cockpit derby where it was badly injured, with both legs cut down on the arena. But due to LUIS' violet lights, the other cock run so terrified, as if it had seen ghosts, and the entire gambling crowd got surprised by the miracle.

Judge Floro thereafter went to the Paranaque Cockpit and won 13 straight bets, during a derby. With the money, Judge Floro bought an incubator and he bred fighting cocks. LUIS had flashed the violet lights so that Robert could select the golden hen (from Danny Escalona's Antipolo, Rizal farm) which could produce the best fighting cocks. Under the name "Grey and Blue", Judge Floro made Philippine cockfighting history, by entering 6 to 7 months stags in derbies, who became champions. His six 6 months stags won straight at the Marilao Cockpit arena, while his 7 months stag won under "Kumander Fatola" at Obando Cockpit Arena derby. Judge Floro's cocks stunned the Bulacan cockpits afficionados with stag wins in derbies from 1984 until March, 1990. Judge Floro's bull stags (10 months old cocks) became champions in many Bulacan derbies including at the opening of the Edwin Coliseum in San Jose Del Monte.

Meanwhile, after winning some P 21,000 in bets, Judge Floro bought a water pump and dug about 17 meters, thereafter, having obtained the treasure's key and had touched the upper part of the treasure chest. But LUIS did not allow Judge Floro to get the treasure. Thus, during a First Friday on November, 1984, with a full moon as witness, Judge Floro used incense with holy water and asked LUIS to instead show him the treasure at the wink of an eye or split second. LUIS, however refused, but Judge Floro bargained, appealing that LUIS instead permit his instrument see the lights, IN TIME. Judge Floro had fervently begged LUIS, to instead bestow upon his instrument the gift of seeing face to face LUIS, Armand and Angel, IN TIME. LUIS granted Judge Floro's bargains and promised every Christmas, since 1984, that Judge Floro would one day see the lights and these 3 holy angels would appear to him IN TIME.

Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J., Ateneo de Manila University, 1984 mental and parapsychological tests

Filled with anxiety, Judge Floro put LUIS to a final test amid all these signs. In 1984, he brought Robert to Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J. At the Ateneo de Manila University psychology department, Fr. "Bu" conducted several mental and paranormal tests upon Robert. First, Fr. Bu asked Robert to point the exact place where Fr. Bu's Dwendeling, a lady dwarf, resides. Robert had seen and pointed to dwendeling. After Fr. Bu failed to see LUIS and Armand, he asked the permission of LUIS and Armand to allow Robert to write their dwarves' names. But Robert (as mild retarded, born on January 26, 1966, and was studying at the Cupertino School for Special Children), could not possibly write the names. Amazing, however: like an expert calligrapher, Robert did write the names of LUIS and Armand in extreme artistic fashion; this stunning evidence of the highest character had forced Judge Floro to be greedy of the treasure. After the tests, Judge Floro pleaded to Fr. Bu regarding the results of the tests. Fr. Bu denied Judge Floro's request and said: "It is subjectively objectively true!" as reply to Judge Floro's question of whether LUIS, Armand and Angel are real and do exist.

Part II - Parts I to 15: Judge Florentino Floro Super Game Fowl Farm 1984-1990 Sabong Tukaan Sagupaan Rambulan



Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. began breeding fighting cocks in 1984, when LUIS had chosen his hens bought from Danny Escalona's Antipolo Farm. Judge Florentino Floro Book-Video, "Grey and Blue" - 1984-1990 Gamefowl Farm; Sabong Tukaan, Parts 1 to 15, fighting cocks bred by Judge Floro at Meycauayan, Bulacan and raised at Balagtas, Bulacan, using Danny Escalona's miners' blue and grey, red hens from his Antipolo, Rizal farm; Judge Floro used Super brood cocks - a) Rising Sun, 7 seconds winner at San Juan Coliseum P 1 million Derby, 1987, from Otic Geroso, b) Masada, Tony Lagtapon's unscratched winner of P 2 million SJC Derby, 1987, and c) Joker of gaffer Emong, unscratched winner of Araneta Coliseum 8 cock International derby. Judge Floro made WORLD records of winning at Marilao, Obando, Meycauayan, Malolos, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan Cockpit Derbies using 6-7 months stags (later, 10-12 months) champions against 2 years-old. LUIS' violet lights from his Bonito or hat is the cause of Judge Floro's Philippine record of winning in derbies using 6 months untrained stags. Floro never used a trainer; he aimed to breed Super Game Fowls that can cut, kill in big time derbies when matured to 2 years. Judge Floro's last derby fight was on March, 1990. He sold all his game fowls due to bitter family feuds in 1990.



Parts 1 to 5

Parts 6 to 10

Parts 11 to 15

Judge Floro's Philippines-World Records in Cockfighting Identical Times

Judge Floro's rarest-youngest 10 months grey game fowl made its 1st RECORD ULTRA FAST KILL, 23.69 seconds amid 10 minutes allowed fight time. In the 2nd derby fight of the 3-cock Malolos Cockpit derby, 1990, ANOTHER rarest-youngest 10 months game fowl made its RECORD ULTRA FAST KILL, 23.02 seconds as 2nd derby champion entry. No Philippine breeder ever duplicated Floro's HISTORICAL 2 times Kaskas or DERBY WINS by 10 months stag in just one derby night. In the ULTRA-FAST 23.09 seconds, 2nd WIN of "Kaskas"- Floro's 10 months old gamecock WON in same night, amid its 23.69 seconds RECORD in its first win. This is WORLD RECORD - 23.69 seconds, 23.02 & 23.09 ULTRA-FAST derby champions KILLS using ONLY 2 10 mos. STAGS: 3 WINS in 1 night.

No gamecock breeder in the world had ever duplicated J Floro's RECORD breeding 6 months UNTRAINED gamecock derby champions. In the 1986 biggest Philippine P 500,000 National Grand Derby, Paranaque Cockpit, J Floro's 8 months scored a draw. J Floro's prized Miners Blue was sired by Danny Esalona "BONANZA" hen-cock, J Floro's Miners Blues had 100% winning record. At Obando Cockpit J Floro made Philippine-world records, using a 6 months stag 1987 derby champion vs 2 years-olds. At Marilao Cockpit J Floro made Philippine-world records, using 6 months six stags, 3 1987 derby champions vs 2 years-olds. Judge Floro's gamecocks entry emerged solo champion in December 8, 1987 Marilao Cockpit Big Time Derby, using 8 months stags vs. 2 year olds. Judge Floro's 3 entries or six 10 months stags were 2-24, 1989 Malolos Highway City Cockpit RECORD perfect champions.

Cockfighting is illegal in every US state, District of Columbia, but the penalties for the crime vary by state. 50 US states & District of Columbia are ranked in tiers, on whether they consider 4 offenses a felony, misdemeanor or legal * cockfighting itself * being a spectator of cockfighting * possession of fighting cocks or weapons are felonies. 2007 US Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act penalizes, $250,000 fine, cockfighting implements' transfer across state/national borders. American breeders supply most, best fighting roosters, about 30 American cockfighters regularly fight their birds in the Philippines.

Cockfighting is legal in the Philippines, Mexico, parts or all of 5 U.S. states - Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma. Matches also can be found in Ireland, Colombia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Estimates of the number of roosters fought - and killed - each year in the Philippines range from 7 million to 13 million. Poor Filipinos use cheaper native birds, imported "trios" - a rooster & 2 hens for breeding - go for $1,300 to $2,500. Since cockfighting was introduced, 16th century by Spanish colonizers, it became Philippines' most popular spectator sport. Honorable Chief Thieves in Philippine government regularly bet $ 5,000 to & $ 20,000 per cock/single fiight amid CORRUPTION. Philippines is No. 1 most corrupt in Asia per 2008-9 PERC survey; top government officials heavily bet stolen moneys in cockfights. J Floro witnessed municipal accountants, Bureau of Internal Revenue/court personnel as regular horse race/cockpit bettors. These corrupt government officials earn measly sums & rob government cash, being addicts to cockfights/horse race betting. These corrupt government officials, their loved ones end up in ICU's of state-of-the arts hospitals, slowly dying in PAIN. In a single racing day, corrupt government officials in Bulacan bet $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 in horse race off-tracks. After horse racing hours, these corrupt government officials transfer to cockpits to bet huge sums of stolen moneys. But poor Filipino/Bulacan bettors addicted to cockfights/horse racing bet $ 1 to $ 2 per day, using their food allowances. Sociologist Dr. Ricardo Abad: "It's a game of chance, Filipinos believe in chance, luck, getting money, miracles, a romantic notion of life."

Blue-Violet are the COLORS of LUIS and Judge Floro as servants-members of Mary, the Blue Madonna, Mother of the Eucharist. This is a living proof that LUIS' violet light is the source and cause of breeding super game fowls. LUIS' violet light and powers enthroned him as King of kings of all spirit guides-elementals in the universe.

Part III - Judge Florentino Floro - Pahayag ("Dire Prophecy") Parts 1 to 6, Bustos Dam and Sto. Cristo Church, Baliuag, Bulacan, Philippines, Asia

Judge Floro published his December 30, 2000 to January 1, 2001 Dire Prophecy at Sto. Cristo Church, Baliuag, Bulacan and at Bustos Dam, one of the most powerful places in the universe to predict ...


Parts 1 to 5


Bustos Dam, at Bustos, Bulacan, the 2nd longest Asian dam, is one of the world's longest “sector gates”, a huge reservoir of the Angat Hydroelectric plant at Barrio Hilltop, Angat, Bulacan. Built in 1918-1922, it is one of the longest sector dams in the world, serves as source of electric power in the Bulacan & Metro Manila. Judge Floro, the Philippine Angel of Death had worn all-black clothes from 1989, Fridays, to mourn future dire pains, deaths of his enemies. Judge Floro holds the Philippine record since June 12, 1901, as the only Judge who served the judiciary for barely 6 months. Judge Floro is the World's only psychic, healing & equestrian Judge, Prophet, Filipino Martyr of Injustice, Game Fowl Record Breeder. Floro is the world's sole Angel of Death, human-evil annihilator, bi-locator, mystic, visionary with special gifts of the Spirit. Floro, through LUIS' ultimate sole VIOLET, white lights, is the only immortal, who 1st traveled to the 7th plane-dimension LUIS, Armand & Angel Kingdom, Osaka, Japan, as the sole instrument of LUIS, Armand & Angel, holy angels of God, servants/member of Mary's Army, Eucharist.

Angat River development started with 1926 Bustos Dam construction for irrigating 27,000 hectares of riceland in Lower Angat River Basin, Pampanga River Delta. Bustos Dam is the huge reservoir of Angat Hy-droelectric Plant at Barrio Hilltop, Bustos, Bulacan, Philipines, Asia. "Here at Bustos dam, I had been offering foods to the 3 dwarves, Fridays after office hours, to remember them" "They had promised to protect me and take vengeance vs my enemies, the Justices, etc. in their own harsh ways" "I had written here, at Bustos Dam, all my prophecies against my corrupt detractors, to annihilate them" "The 3 dwarves chose me of billions, to be their sole instrument, not only to prophecy but to heal the poor" "Healing is the highest gift amid varied forms of powers like bending spoons, guessing lotto numbers ..."

Judge Floro started offering foods to LUIS, Armand & Angel every Fridays (12 nn-4pm), here, Bustos Dam from 1992 to 2000. Floro would start here the Fridays 1992 to 2000 food offerings to LUIS, by lighting candles to burn the corrupt Courts. In this panoramic view, thousands of tourists flock since 1922. Each year since 1960, a male drowns amid testimonies mermaids here, were responsible. Judge Floro's golden-turned(June 2, 1999)-gifted palms which annihilate per LUIS' violet lights the Honorable Thieves, Justices, Judges, his enemies. Judge Floro's religious 1992-2000 Fridays food offerings to LUIS, burning candles, 12nn-4pm here, effected LUIS' 5 mystic court fires. Judge Floro perpetually PUT a STAIN in their bloods, up to the 4th generation, under Psalms 109, 73, and other biblical curses. Mr. Larry (Lazaro) Domingo, of Sto. Christo, Baliuag, Bulacan, age 76 in 1999, the video photographer of this CURSE-prophecy video. He worked for 12 years in Japan.

"For me, there is still a TRIBUNAL, above, the heavenly Court" "My 3 dwarves, LUIS, Armand & Angel already formed their own Dwarf Court, which is not a kangaroo Tribunal" "The 3 dwarves wrote their En Banc Court (December 5 & 8) 2000 decision, finding GUILTY all my detractors" "The 3 dwarves investigated my case, ascended with my brother Robert, the Supreme Court Justices' chambers" "The dwarves sealed with X's, all Supreme Court Justices' doors/chambers, then reviewed my records" "The 3 dwarves December 5/8 final verdict: Death, dire illnesses, pains, accidents, bad luck vs J Floro's enemies."

Part IV - Parts 1 to 18: Equestrian Judge Florentino Floro SBMA El Kabayo Riding Stables 2001 Dire Prophecy March 8, 2001

Equestrian Judge Floro on March 8, 2001 published his 2001 Dire Prophecy at Asia's most powerful-beautiful-scenic Subic Bay Equestrian Center and Riding Field (Subic Bay Equestrian Center Membership Club, Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBF), Olongapo City) surrounded by virgin and rain forests and wildlife. On April 2001, Judge Floro submitted to the Court this VHS videocassette Book-Video as Annex of Motion to Lift July 20 1999 Suspension amid the CURSE.

Equestrianism refers to the skill of riding or driving horses. This broad description includes both use of horses for practical, working purposes as well as recreational activities and competitive sports. Horses first were ridden 4,500 BC. or even 6,000 years ago, near Dneiper River & Don River, people were using bits on horses. Chariot burials were about 2,500 BC, chariot warfare and horses lived in North America, but died out at the end of the Ice Age. Horses were brought back to North America by European explorers, beginning with the second voyage of Columbus in 1493. But the common sobriquet for Thoroughbred horse racing is The Sport of Kings, horse racing is supreme over all horse sports.

In the United States each year 30 million people ride horses, resulting in 50,000 emergency room visits (1 visit per 600 riders per year). In Canada, a 10-year study of trauma center patients injured while riding reported 48% suffered head injuries, only 9% of riders wore helmets. Other injuries involved the chest (54%), abdomen (22%), and extremities (17%).

Parts 1 to 5






Parts 6 to 13









Parts 15 to 18






Equestrian Judge Florentino Floro & mystic dwarves LUIS, Armand & Angel, at Universe-Earth's most powerful-beautiful-scenic Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), El Kabayo Riding Stables, The Equestrian Center Membership Club, Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBF), Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines, on March 8 & 15, 2001, 3:00 p.m., as complainants, accusers, investigators, prosecutors, defenders, Judges & Sheriffs-Executioners, of a ONE-MAN HOLY TRIBUNAL amid millions of summoned Spirit Guides-Elementals, promulgated the GUILTY VERDICT-SENTENCE-Dire Prophecies (riding the best 11 Argentina Race-Thoroughbred-Quarter-Polo- Pony-Dressage Jumping Horses US$ 20,000 each, 1991: Casper, Canalla, Poron, Tommy, Hawk Eye, El Mate, Mystery Rose, Sadustada, Julieta, Sunglow & Gemma): VIOLET lights against Judge Floro's CURSED enemies, detractors, nemesis, persecutors, Ateneo Law School Classes '80 to '88, Philippine Judiciary, Supreme Court Justices: Dire illnesses, cancer, massive stroke, spinal-nerve disorders, horrible-painful-slow deaths, 5 Court mystic fires, car-other accidents, disasters, bad luck, putting a STAIN in their bloods up to the 4th generation.

Judge Floro is Regional Trial Court Judge of Branch 73, Malabon-Navotas, Metro Manila on November 4/5, 1998. Floro recited the Imprecatory Psalms CURSING his enemies detractors persecutors, Judiciary Supreme Court Justices Judges nemesis. Every midnights, LUIS-J Floro eternally CURSES-IMPRECATES Philippines Supreme Court Justices/loved ones to 4th generation. Floro's 3pm to midnight daily, Fridays CURSES since 1992 to 2009 w/ LUIS' VIOLET lights SUCCESSFULLY targeted his enemies, Justices. Floro religiously had DON all-black CLOTHES FRIDAYS since 1992 to mourn his enemies' painful-horrible deaths, pains, accidents, illnesses.

Note Bene (Good Note) -

I took pains in retrieving, downloading these collection-vintage-antique for sure videos from my personal cabinet lest I be accused of inventing the violet lights and the mystic Kingdom of LUIS, Armand and Angel at Osaka, Japan. As lawyer and judge, I had the 1985 foresight that someday, these videos would be EVIDENCE of the highest character of the existence and high tech 7th plane-dimension of the magical dwarves' world and castles.

NOT ONLY THAT, of course. I value the POWER and MAGIC of YouTube vis-a-vis street rallies, demonstrations, political noises, Court cases, facebook, twitter, friendster, etc. media to SAY and DO what one would ... In 1985 and even 2001, I thought that I could safely keep my treasures-videos. But I was not quite right, since FUNGI ate them, and I lost the 2nd Part of the Bustos Dam 2001 prophecy. More than that, I lately discovered that even VCD or optical discs and DVD are superior to Betamax and VHS even if the latter is higher in definition and resolution than VCDs, still VCDs-DVDs could be burned, lost and scratched. Hence, I found the MAGIC of YouTube and other internet Video hosting. I can SPEAK out to the world.

Some Filipinos got angry to me when I voice this YouTube speak out thing. Many students and professionals even Chief Justices here upload in YouTube. But they fail. No one except their cats and dogs would view them, but pigs and swines do not know how to play YouTube videos, that's their problem. So, our Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban uploaded 114 clear premium paid videos but he got only 14 views more or less, because, his teeth are protruding and he is not so HANDSOME as Judge Floro.
Evidence? Here:


and this Chief Justice had violated my copyright, claiming he is only 45 years old, when he is already 73 and has little time left in this planet, according to my dwarves, since I was 45 when I was appointed Judge.


MUNDO NG MALIGNO, Judge Florentino Floro

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiWkeIDhI08 33,351 views

30,302 views ABS-CBN - ANC WORLD TONIGHT, Judge Florentino Floro

Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr., the True Story, Parts 1 of 5

18,620 views # 1


15,966 views # 2

16,999 views # 3

12,110 views # 4

10,556 views # 5

5,599 views Kontrobersyal, Part 1 - Judge Florentino Floro

4,768 views Kontrobersyal, Part 2 - Judge Florentino Floro

3,845 views Judge Florentino Floro on "Sa Pulso", GMA Kapuso and Q-TV

2,089 views Judge Florentino Floro, Coconut Healing Oil

Judge Florentino Floro, "Frontlines" 2,710 views

Judge Florentino Floro "Totoo TV" TV 5 Part 5 Ariel and Maverick 2,552 views

Judge Florentino Floro "Totoo TV" TV 5 Part 4 Ariel and Maverick 4,293 views

Judge Florentino Floro "Totoo TV" TV 5 Part 3 Ariel and Maverick 2,662 views

Judge Florentino Floro "Totoo TV" TV 5 Part 2 Ariel and Maverick 3,503 views

6,161 views Judge Florentino Floro "Totoo TV" TV 5 Part 1 Ariel and Maverick






Massive Stroke of Justice Alfredo L. Benipayo on February 22, 2008 Benipayo's 1/2 body is DEAD - Benipayo return still uncertain

UST Varsitarian - By DANDAN Vol. LXXX, No. 10 • April 15, 2009

“IT MIGHT take a long while before Civil Law Dean Alfredo Benipayo return to UST despite reports that he is now on the way to recovery, acting Dean Roberto Abad said. “We cannot say when and if he could still resume office,” Abad told the Varsitarian. Last February 22, Benipayo collapsed while giving a lecture before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Iloilo Chapter and was immediately rushed to St. Paul ’s Hospital. Benipayo was airlifted from Iloilo to Manila last month. He was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City and was eventually brought home to undergo therapy. While stressing the need for Benipayo to take a “long-time rest,” Abad however pointed out that the former solicitor-general is not leaving his post as Civil Law Dean. “He is not yet contacting us personally and we likewise do not want to give him office stress.” Temporarily taking the reins from Benipayo, Abad, an expert in Remedial Law, took office as the Faculty’s acting dean last February 27.”




Since July 20, 1999, that fateful afternoon, exactly at 4:45 p.m., when the Supreme Court sheriff served me at Malabon City Br. 73 Court, the 3 pages pink paper of indefinite preventive suspension which ended on the 68.9 months on April 7, 2006 when I was paid and separated from service, and Googled, it was the birthday of Angel, the sister of LUIS and Armand. Lest I and LUIS be misconstrued by anyone who would read these memoirs or diary of our friendship. Lest the VIOLET lights be misinterpreted to be fiction and tales concocted by a psychotic judge, I, as lawyer and jurist, do hereby post the CRITICAL FACT which --

Mathematically articulates the DATES foretold by LUIS, to quash the element of medical chance, thereby, proving beyond reasonable doubt, the impeccability of the VIOLET Lights of LUIS which blocked the vessels of Justice Alfredo L. Benipayo, to wit:

Longest preventive suspension in history (July 20, 1999 - April 7, 2006)


20, 21, 22, 22

On July 18, 1999, at 12:00 midnight, Floro, in trance saw the visions of Plaridel (Marcelo del Pilar) and 73. Barely 6 months from his inaugural session on January 5, 1999, he was indefinitely suspended on

--- July 20, 1999 (the longest judicial suspension in world history). Alfredo Benipayo signed Judge Floro's Memorandum of Suspension which contained the 13 administrative charges (the principal of which, is dwarf consultation in writing judgments). Justice Flerida Ruth Romero signed the cursed resolution, her last due to her retirement on July 30, 1999; but it was on Justice Pardo (44 Polk St. Greenhills 30 meters from ERAP's house) who became the ponente on August 1999. The main accusation is dwarf consultation and predicting the fall of ERAP on Good Friday 1998.

On the 1st anniversary of Floro's (July 20, 1999) Suspension (punishment)|suspension, the Malabon City Regional Trial Courts, Halls of Justice, Fiscals' offices and canteen were all burned

---- on July 22, 2000, except Floro's sala/court, Br. 73, which was fully preseved. Malabon fire.

UST Rector Fr. Rolando de La Rosa, O.P., wrote in the Manila Bulletin: "Benipayo had chronic cough that bothered him for years. At first the doctors thought the trouble was with his lungs. They found out later that it was his heart. He was suffering from CAD (coronary artery disease). His heart was clogged."

---- On February 21, 2001, Benipayo underwent angioplasty surgery 5 days after his appointment as Commission on Elections (Philippines) Chair.[page A2, Saturday, March 24, 2001, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and March 15, 2001 Manila Bulletin, Editorial]. Benipayo was never confirmed, since he was later appointed Solicitor General. On 2006, he resigned amid 7 JBC failed nominations (for Supreme Court Justice) since 2002.

On July 20, 2002, 2003 and 2004, I predicted that Justice Benipayo etc. will die on February 2008 (the mathematical computation at that time of my spent suspension). I suffered 68.7 months suspension when I was disrobed on April 7, 2006.

On February 21 2008 I had cursed the entire UST and Benipayo amid the attempts to block my account at cursed Wikipedia.

At exactly 3 pm of Feb 22 2008, as I pleased, the prophecy came to pass with utter vengence, slow and painful death: for those who tasted the Ifugao pinic-pican, P 250 killing me softly chicken, you will know how Benipayo will pass his last days, before Dec 21, 2012, I prophecy this amid the MAYAN writings on the wall.

---- On February 22, 2008, 3 p.m., Benipayo (Dean of the faculty of civil law at the University of Santo Tomas) collapsed and was hospitalized in Iloilo City's Saint Paul's Hospital (while lecturing before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines).

ABC TV 5: Judge Florentino Floro, Moral Farce: Rule of Law - Corruption in Philippine Judiciary


Judge Florentino Floro: the Moral Farce - St. Paul's "Death comes from Sin, and sin comes from (the Rule of) Law" of Chief Justices Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Artemio Panganiban & Reynato Puno: the laws of vengeance, anger, hypocrisy, hatred, greed & lust for wealth, money & power: - Corruption in Philippine Judiciary, per SWS 2006/1995 Surveys - TEN: The Evening News, TV 5, Associated Broadcasting Company, 10:30 - 11:30 p.m., May 19, 2009

Judge Florentino Floro, Philippines' Martyr-Patron Saint of Psychotic-Crab Mentality Justices


May 23, 2008; at Capitol View, Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines - Judge Saint Florentino Floro, Filipino Martyr-Patron Saint of Psychotic-Crab Mentality Justices: the Living CURSE of the 68 months July 20, 1999 Justice Alfredo L. Benipayo, Indefinite Preventive Suspension, upon the entire Philippine Judiciary, Ateneo Law School Classes '80 to '85, Wikipedia-Wikinews Editors-Administrators, and all the enemies, detractors, persecutors and nemesis of Canonized Saint Florentino Floro with holy angels LUIS, Armand and Angel

Dwarf Chief Justice Florentino Floro: The CURSE of LUIS, Armand and Angel



DOJ Secretary RAUL Gonzalez said he and his wife, former Zambales Rep. Pacita Trinidad-Gonzalez, were planning to bring their 38-year-old son Jose Mari to the basilicas of Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal to pray for his recovery from palsy, a condition characterized by uncontrolled movement and paralysis of parts of the body. “His condition is worsening. He has difficulty standing up, walking and eating. We will go there hoping for a miracle,” Gonzalez said.

Philippine Politics Prophecy

“Florentino says he predicted Joseph "Erap" Estrada's presidential downfall and prayed that present incumbent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would survive her endless political battles. Looking ahead, he reckons Arroyo's power will end soon and the nation will suffer as a result.”
***[Hong Kong journalist Sam Chambers interviewed Floro at the Hobbit Bar, Mabini, Malate, Manila, Philippines on September 02, 2006. The Standard published his twin articles on the 3 dwarfs: "Creature features of the Philippines "; "Florentino and the three dwarves"]

My Visions and Travels:

May 17, 2009

Since June 3, 1983 and since 1992 when I first saw the VIOLET lights, I saw these lights flashed 144 times on May 17, 2009, 11:25 p.m.- 12:30 a.m.

May 19
I saw LUIS' big snowy white plane ... then his UFO-spaceship, big black-canon-telescope-like approached near me, and I was afraid, thus, I failed due to fear to ride it, unlike the bamboo spaceship I rode since I had no fear. Then, I had seen several live crustaceans and fishes ... I saw for the first time, the yellow light flashed by Angel at the pork at South Supermarket. Since then, I had sometimes seen the brown and yellow flashes of lights of Armand and Angel, respectively.

May 30, 2009 Saturday

I was standing in the middle of LUIS' kingdom as I gaze from a distance, his glowing blue-violet-snowy white high mountain. Then, above me, skyrocketed a triangular shape UFO-rocket-space ship of LUIS, and finally, an OBLONG shape UFO-rocket-space ship was above me, with a clear window, where LUIS, since 1983, had shown his smiling face, white skinned, and I was waving. LUIS was just traveling.

First Friday, June 5

LUIS and Armand had appeared to me in virtual reality - as I was watching upon the stairs or veranda, balcony ... I had seen 2 Robin Hood like lads with hats. As I descended, LUIS told me:"Halika!" "Come closer!" the central theme of Le Petit Prince ... Test of Reality against Dream I asked Robert, my brother to tell me to describe how. I traveled to LUIS' kingdom today. He said he does not know. I asked him to ask LUIS. He did, and instantly, he said I flew or levitate. Robert replied describing my travel, that I flew up in the air, vertical or ascending unlike before, when I flew horizontal like birds.

June 11

In LUIS' kingdom, I stood in awe - a vast brown earth-field without any dust/plant; I saw a big majestic blue plane w/ white-yellow lights was then almost hit by a 2nd smaller air plane; a 3rd most beautiful brown airplane rolled, circled sideways slowly horizontal before me.

June 22, Monday, 2009

A day after Father's day: I Judge Floro, was brought standing in a serene, clean, white desert sands before the Holy Family's house. In ecstasy, I lay frustrated down the ground hands outstretched when I saw a man wearing dark clothes enter the house, I then stood in ecstasy when (21 feet tall) Blue Madonna, Our Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary appeared in front of me, wearing a heavenly almost dark blue dress, with pure white nun cloth covering her chest-head, her face is statue like pure white, (out of this world color), she looks to heaven, her hands outstretched inviting me to pray, but she moves.

Midnight July 1, 2009

I was bestowed the ecstasy of seeing big flashes of brown-yellow lights split seconds. The last week of June, I had a dream that I put the Eucharist-sacred host inside a notebook paper in my pocket and later on I received the Communion eating the host.

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It's spam, but it's spam on a scale so vast and overpowering that it became sublime.


July 16, July 20, 1969 - 40th Giant Leap Anniversary

July 16, July 20, 1999 - Longest preventive suspension in world judicial history (July 16, July 20, 1999 - April 7, 2006 - July 20, 2009)

"I Have a Dream"


Aldrin battles sanity-depression

The past 2 nights I listened to CNN's live interview of Buzz Aldrin. This great American went to the moon while the rich and famous at that time traveled around the planet. But today, Aldrin, has battled depression and alcoholism.

Launched on July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission carried Mission Commander Neil Alden Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene 'Buzz' Aldrin, Jr. On July 20, Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon, while Collins orbited above.

Where were you when Apollo 11 landed? Not born yet-

July 20, 1969 - Fr. Modesto Lopez, C.M. our Rector at Karuhatan, Valenzuela Seminary, Bulacan, now Metro Manila, with excitement opened the black and white TV, and we seminarians were awed by the Dream fulfilled.

Longest preventive suspension in world judicial history (July 20, 1999 - April 7, 2006 - July 20, 1999)


On July 18, 1999, at 12:00 midnight, Floro, in trance saw the visions of Plaridel (Marcelo del Pilar) and 73. Barely 6 months from his inaugural session on January 5, 1999, he was indefinitely suspended on July 20, 1999 (the longest judicial suspension in world history). Alfredo Benipayo signed Judge Floro's Memorandum of Suspension which contained the 13 administrative charges (the principal of which, is dwarf consultation in writing judgments). UST Rector Fr. Rolando de La Rosa, O.P., wrote in the Manila Bulletin: "Benipayo had chronic cough that bothered him for years. At first the doctors thought the trouble was with his lungs. They found out later that it was his heart. He was suffering from CAD (coronary artery disease). His heart was clogged." On February 21, 2001, Benipayo underwent angioplasty surgery 5 days after his appointment as Commission on Elections (Philippines) Chair.[page A2, Saturday, March 24, 2001, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and March 15, 2001 Manila Bulletin, Editorial]. Benipayo was never confirmed, since he was later appointed Solicitor General. On 2006, he resigned amid 7 JBC failed nominations (for Supreme Court Justice) since 2002. On February 22, 2008, 3 p.m., Benipayo (Dean of the faculty of civil law at the University of Santo Tomas) collapsed and was hospitalized in Iloilo City's Saint Paul's Hospital (while lecturing before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines).


On the 1st anniversary of Floro's (July 20, 1999) Suspension (punishment)|suspension, the Malabon City Regional Trial Courts, Halls of Justice, Fiscals' offices and canteen were all burned on July 22, 2000, except Floro's sala/court, Br. 73, which was fully preserved.


In his youth, Floro was an accomplished student, graduating with full honors in elementary, high school and college levels. He graduated: elementary (1965) from St. Mary's College of Meycauayan (6th Honors); high school (1970) from St. Vincent's Seminary, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City; he finished 2 semesters (1971) of Bachelor of Arts at the Vincentian Hills Seminary at Angono, Rizal and Adamson University (under the Vincentian Family]/ Congregation of the Mission priests, 3rd Honors); threat, upon the hills, in 1971, Floro predicted that he would someday be made world famous and immortal in world history; and college (1974), Bachelor of Arts, pre-divinity and philosophy, from the Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Schools (admitted as Pre-novice / candidate for priesthood by the Society of Jesus, with Second Honors).

Parenthetically, he was the sole Bulacan province student who was admitted by the Ateneo de Manila in 1972; Floro was the only Bulakeno who graduated from the Ateneo in 1974. More importantly, Floro excelled by topping the Fr. Parissi, S.J., 2 days mental tests (only 5 of 400 candidates were admitted in 1972 to the Jesuit Pre-Novitiate). He earned 18 MBA units in 1975 at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. He earned the degree of Bachelor of Laws (1982) at the Ateneo Law School, with full second honors. He made the 10 years unbroken (by 10 Ateneo valedictorians) record of 91% in criminal law review under Dean Antonio L. Gregorio.


He placed 12th in the 1983 Philippine Bar Examination, with a very high bar rating of 87.55%[44] in one of the hardest examination in Philippine history (only 21.3% passed; 65% of both Ateneo and University of the Philippines College of Law students failed because of the taxation bar subject). Floro, from 1972-1974, and 1980, sat beside his classmates - Romeo Intengan (Philippine Jesuit, former Provincial, and surgeon by training, jailed during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos for his views against the dictatorship - List of Jesuits) and Cesar L. Villanueva (Dean, Ateneo College of Law), respectively.


Floro also graduated (1975) basic and intermediate Equestrianism at the Philippines D'Rossa School of Horsemanship, at Makati City, but failed in his dream to become a horse race jockey. From 1975 to 1983, he regularly rode his own American Quarter Horse "Wimps Pansy" along Meycauayan to Marilao, Bulacan.


Homeless, jobless in pretend world, without work, occupation, trabajo, business, 2 books stolen by co-Filipino lawyers in Bulacan ...

In 1970, at Vincentian Hills Seminary, Angono Rizal, Metro Manila, amid the horizon, on top of the most beautiful Angono hill facing the Jesuit Retreat house, a Friday at 6 p.m. I had a dream while I was fully awake. I did dream and predict that one day, I will be world-famous and reach the top of the world.

My prophecy had even gone wild, since I had traveled not only around the world but even to the most coveted 7th plane dimension 10x more physically virtually real wold and Kingdom of LUIS, Armand and Angel, via mystical levitation, flying and had been on bamboo spaceship. I had, on July 9, the most important day of my life, seen the just heaven.

Spreading the Gospel of Liberty and Prosperity under the Rule of Law - of Philippine Chief Justice Panganiban


My extremely wealthy brothers Benjamin and Jesie V. Floro fulfills this Gospel of CJ Panganiban. What is the meaning of liberty and prosperity? Simply, rich: my 2 brothers have 3 gold smelters or refineries, Volvo, Mercedez Benz, Pajero, other cars, mansions and Condos in Greenhills and Valle Verde, and Meycauayan, Bulacan. Their visas-passports are fully stamped with worldwide travels. Their gold and diamond business define their daily lives.

More importantly, all of their spouses siblings, their in-laws, either work under them, as OIC, or work in Russia and USA, and my 2 brothers had helped them to have businesses.
And this is the greatest mystery of LUIS: since 2006, he divulged through Robert my brother, to the media interview, that I will not get any job, work or earn any money, but beg, beg and beg. Since I was ousted of my own house by my 2nd brother Joselito on Feb 9, 1989, and until this very day, I only rent a house, have no car and no means of visible support.

I had approached not only my brothers but even their clients and around 10 Jutices and 20 government officers, including my classmates to help me move on since I will be happy to be a mere clerk. But I FAILed.
LUIS has never forsaken me. He has given me more than I need. He has never ever left me and his VIOLET lights pervaded my entire existence daily and per second. LUIS pushed my luck to the limits and I am humbled by his decision of March 1, 1996 Dalliance or eternal covenant, in WRITING.


On Feb 10, 2006, I CURSED and SHOUTED to Justice Regino C. Hermosisima:

"Our democracy was stolen once, when my ICON Ferdinand E. Marcos was persecuted by the Cory Government who robbed power. You had convicted the innocent Aquino-Galman Justice Manuel Pamaran acquitted convicts. This never ever happened in double jeopardy-free America. Your prize? You were appointed Supreme Court Justice and rewarded retirement medals of 3 terms Judicial and Bar Council Member. Now, after suffering 68 months suspension, you will force me to accept payment and then be declared insane and separated from judicial service. Why don't you write the Court and tell the truth that it was Atty. Teresita Cruz-Sison who ordered Justice Alfredo L. Benipayo to suspend me since I predicted her massive 1996 Stroke? If you bury the truth, God will not forgive you - presumption against the Holy Spirit cannot be pardoned even on the next life, burying the truth. Ask Erap or Cory Aquino to give me a job. If not, I and these 3 mystic dwarves will annihilate all the loved ones of Supreme Court Justices, top government officials, and put a stain in their bloods up to the 4th generation. DARE!" I then CURSED the entire judiciary that fateful day.

On August 29, 2006, with bended knees, I begged Corazon Aquino's Exec. Secretary, my counsel of record, Rene Saguisag to ask Erap and Cory Aquino to give me a job. He denied my plea sayin I am notorious and infamous.

TODAY, is our moment and time. They cannot rob, steal and take it away from us 4. Mark my word. DARE!

UNLIKE, Kris and all those rich and famous who acquired LIBERTY and PROSPERITY under Cory Aquino, who, therefore, pray to God to ease her pain,
I, Judge Florentino Floro, had decided to ENDURE my PAIN, as helpless judge in a pretend world CURSING all of them and their loved ones up to the 4th generation, until my last breath.



Ex-Philippine leader Aquino's condition worsens

MANILA — The condition of former Philippine president Corazon Aquino, in hospital for colon cancer, has deteriorated, her daughter said in a televised interview Monday. Prayers have been said across this mostly Catholic Southeast Asian nation for Aquino, 76, who has been hospitalised for the past month. "This is the hardest time for all of us," Kristina Bernadette Aquino told ABS-CBN television. Aquino's daughter, a celebrity in the Philippines, wept as she outlined her mother's condition. "She is in pain already, so please pray for her so that it could be lessened. "We don't know how many more hours, days and weeks God will give her, but please help us pray that my Mom won't suffer too much pain," she said.

Cory Aquino ‘in pain,’ admits Kris
Former President Corazon Aquino is “in pain" as she continues her fight against stage 4 colon cancer, her daughter, television personality Kris Aquino, admitted on Sunday.

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The Kingdom of LUIS, Armand and Angel at Osaka, Japan and Philippines (6-2 '82 to 5-10 '09):VIOLET light

404 Pages First Book of Judge Floro, 2006, Pdf




Qtr Century Close Encounter w/ 3 Dwarves: 1985-1989-2001 Betamax-VHS-Video8 60 YouTube Videos

1985-1989 Game Fowl-Cockfights, 2000 "Pahayag" (Dire Prophecy) & 11 Argentina Race Horses 2001


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