Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Well, from this point on I am officially a member of the TA (Territorial Arrse – Evenings and Weekends only).

    As any regular reader will know, I’ve never concealed my real life identity; pretty much everybody in the Corps who reads Arrse knows who I am (members and lurkers - and there are a lot of high-ranking lurkers out there…)

    I’ve always been careful (if not particularly witty or erudite) in what I post. I dislike people who hide behind their anonymity to say things that they would not have the moral courage to say in real life; although I'm not slow to speak my mind, my guideline before I click 'submit' has always been “would I be happy to defend this to the CO if I got dragged in?” (Obviously one hopes one is judged on the semi-serious posts, more than the mong-baiting in the NAAFI bar… :) )

    Well up till now, I hadn’t been particularly careful about when I post.

    Unfortunately, being well-known means that if somebody (even in another country and outside my chain of command) sits there reading through the Arrse Int Corps forum at work and thinks: “why are they posting on Arrse during working hours?”… then one phone call is all it takes to ensure it doesn’t happen any more. Which is what has now happened.

    Now at this point I would like to point out that in real life, I have not had a single complaint about my work rate or productivity. For 11 out of the last 14 months, I have been doing the job of the section Sergeant Major as well as my own (Op Tour, POTL, gapped post etc). I regard Arrse as a pleasant diversion when I need a break. It's not like I've been missing deadlines or failing to manage the guys because I've been too busy wasting time on Arrse.

    I don’t smoke, yet it would be perfectly acceptable in the Army for me to bugger off for five to ten minutes, ten or fifteen times during working hours, to poison myself and destroy my lungs. I've yet to hear of anyone being told that they shouldn't smoke during working hours.

    However, I am in the Army and obey orders. I completely understand the position and am very sorry for wasting the Army’s time. So CR must now, with much regret, become a member of Territorial Arrse and will no longer post during normal working hours.

    In order to head off any future well-meaning phone calls to my boss, can I respectfully point out a couple of considerations to anybody looking in, before they start picking up rocks for the stoning:

    a) Due to well-known internal site issues, post times often appear one hour out either way (or in some cases 6-8 hours). Not sure if it’s a Y2K thing, a GMT / BST thing, a software bug or what. But if it says on your screen, for example, that I posted at 1630hrs, please bear in mind that it was probably 1730hrs.

    b) I do get a lunch break.

    c) I sometimes take leave.

    d) MrsCR really is Domestic Sunray and she doesn't work every day; it's not me posting under some cheap literary invention. :)

    I would be very grateful if somebody else could pick up the slack in abusing mongs, putting the virtual kettle on in the morning, advising potential recruits and transferees, offering constructive feedback on courses etc.

    For the lurkers who question the value of those who contribute – please appreciate that much of what happens on Arrse goes on behind the scenes. Potential recruits and transferees might get a gentle ribbing on the forums, but you don’t see the countless Private Messages sent and received by myself and other regular contributors. We provide genuine advice and encouragement to people contemplating a life in the Corps - and many from other cap badges who hadn't considered us until we got in touch. Arrse has probably contributed to more people coming knocking on the door than you realise. Nor do you see the efforts expended on retention of people who are considering signing off (or transferring out in one case).

    High-ranking lurkers - if soldiers didn't post, there would be nothing for you to read and get your invaluable feedback on what's happening "at the coal face". Some people will only post at work, due to kids / no internet / being on ops etc. Ban soldiers from posting at work and it might become an Army site dominated by ex-members, walts and civvies with no military connection whatsoever; hardly the best place to keep up to date on "what the troops really think". The golden goose will be dead.

    I think this is a sad state of affairs, but will obviously abide by what I’ve been told to do. To the rest of you – don’t worry, they don’t know your phone number.

    To my regular abusers - rest assured that even though I do not respond until the evening, my cutting put-down was thought up on the spur of the moment and is not "carriage wit"... honest.

    And as a big fan of irony… yes, it does tickle me that this whole affair sprang up as a result of people sat reading Arrse while they were at work. :)

  2. Dreadful.

    Wholeheartedly agree about the smoking thing too...

    Ditto, i had the same arguement with IT goons about eBay, they claim its because people waste time...as if!
  3. Who ever the sad git is who complained - a. how come you have so much time to monitor this thing; b. you obviously cant see the value of the feedback on here; c. you are an arse :)
  4. Shocking. A couple of minutes at a time cannot possibly be construed as wasted time. Still welcome to Part Time Arrseing.
  5. Shocking. A couple of minutes at a time cannot possibly be construed as wasted time. Still welcome to Part Time Arrseing.
  6. First Flash, now CR..

    ..........a little bit of industrial democracy in Cyberspace, just passed away

    The writing is on the wall, time to find another forum

    I suppose someone will be starting an unofficial newsletter next??

    incognitio of course
  7. A sad day when the fun police stop you taking a mental break it's almost enough to drive you to smoking! (If that wasn't banned at the beginning of next month)

    CR, when you read this tonight, welcome to the state of todays modern world. I use ARRSE for a break and to catch up on topics that relate to my job (the military) it has saved me numerous working hours in answering many a Q and also retained a bit of squaddie banter in a civvy environment. I too cannot be overly bothered to hide my ID so suppose I will be in the TA ARRSE soon.

    BarbGenius isn't serving though is he!?

    Keep smiling
  8. On the bright side-instead of a virtual morning brew, you'll now be able to have a virtual sundowner.

    If you work at a VDU you are entitled to a "natural light break" now and then though it would defeat the object if you spent this t a VDU arrseing around
  9. He's not had a single complaint - he's had loads!

    If it's not ARRSE, then what is your excuse for missing deadlines and not managing the guys properly?

    (only kidding)

    On a more serious note, a quick walk down the top corridor in my place of work reveals several senior personnel arrsing during work time. I've even used the current affairs forum as a source of int! Mind you, if I was posted to an MI Sect though.........
  10. It is mainly due to people who try to equate productivity to quantity of time spent working. Very quaint ideas, very weak managers.
  11. We all know the short of low -life who made this complaint. I met several of them in my corps career, fortunately I trod a path where these characters generally feared to tread,- that is they do nothing dangerous or high risk (career wise), usually volunteer for nothing, but are kill joys and generally despised in their own units, but somehow get promoted, even though they can't do the job, and eventually commissioned, we all know them. Unfortunately as is the nature of our wonderful corps they rarely get their come- uppance, "latet anguinis in herba"!! should be the corps motto!
  12. Whilst were in bubbling mode, that b@5t@rd Mick Smith is always blogging in works time as well.

    what good has he ever done the Army or the Intelligence Corps??

    As for that Minty Mc Ginty......... :roll:
  13. How true, I achieve more in the 10 seconds a day I spend actually working than a vast majority achieve in an 8 hour day!
  14. In deed another target reached in makeing HM Forces PLC look good ina spreadsheet.

    I suspect this is why i am glad to be no longer serving, the erosion of the Forces ethos to WORK and PLAY by the fun police was taking more time to audit than producing real work or training.

    still CR i am sure that you will continue to be most readable and incitefull!
  15. Hello one and all, long time listener first time caller. I felt compelled to finally take the plunge and sign up after reading the site for a very long time now. What a ridiculous state of affairs. Fellow officers sit playing solitaire, pinball, minesweeper, or some game where you bash a penguin around the head with a club. I unashamedly read ARRSE and freely admit to picking up a lot from doing so. Especially as 252 said from the Current Affairs thread. At least CRmeansCeilingReached occasionally contributed something genuinely worthwhile in his "break time". I remember a post in which he described his ethos on developing Junior NCOs - a fine example which I printed off and plagiarised without shame. And the recent article about the new OP MI Mgr course has been recommended to me twice in the last fortnight as an excellent read. To the person who stopped him I say this - I readily admit to having spent at least an hour scouring the avatars when I decided to create an account this morning. Are you going to tell me off as well? What is the world coming to when a chap can't take a few minutes out of a busy day to relax? Have some backbone and tell him he can carry on posting from work - like countless others do. CRmeansCeilingReached, you are indeed a victim of your infamy. I understand you are perfectly willing to tell people your real identity and don't mind who knows. Unfortunately as I am sure you now realise, this leaves you as the only easy target. Your stance is admirable but I must also say naive. If they didn't know who you are, they could not reprimand you. Not entirely in agreement with you on the smoking though old Chap. You must know some particularly heavy smokers - I don't think I waste more than half an hour a day & I put it down as "networking" with the other chaps and ladies in the building.