In 1984 the film 1984 starring John Hurt and Richard Burton was made. The production company got about 2000 TA soldiers from the Greater London area to act as extras for a night of filming at Alexandria Palace at Wood Green, for which we were paid the princely sum of £20 for about 7-8 hours work from about 22.00 on a Friday night to 06.00 on the Saturday morning.

I remember one of the scenes filmed there was when some prisoners were shot by a firing squad. The director (Crispian?) said the atmosphere should be like that at a footbal match - so when the first prisoner was shot, me and my mates started chanting "One -Nil, One-Nil, One-Nil" to the tune of Amazing Grace which was taken up by everyone moving to "Two -Nil" as the next one was shot and so on until the director called "CUT!!!" and then boll**ked us for wasting his time and money. Another memory was John Hurt wandering among us poncing fags by asking "Have you got a spare fag soldier" and the last one was the bird who won the raffle and won a car but it turned out she couldn't drive and didn't know how to get it home.

Anyway, three questions - firstly, were you there and if so did you play a 'prole' or a 'party member'? Secondly what memories do you have of the night and thirdly were you sad enough to buy the video and try and pause the tape and see yourself on screen?
Yes I was there! It started out really fun and became bl**dy boring (and cold) after not very long at all. I was lucky to be a prole so had a nice overcoat and hat (Trilby type thing) to keep me warm. The girlfriend at the time came with me and she ended up as a Party Member in a boiler sui. She froze.

Remember the pretentious pr*ts that were the child actors. Right bunch of snotties.

Yes I rented (to tight to buy) the film and no I couldn't see me.
I was a Roman soldier in Ridley Scotts Gladiator. The Scene at the begining was filmed near farnham at a place called Bourne woods.
Most of the Roman Contingent were re-enactment walts but there was small contingement of us T.A who happened to be in the right boozer at the right time. The German Horde were mostly Uni students from Farnham and Aldershot. Any body walking around town who had a beard suddenly found themselves in frontline Germania.

The most amazing thing about the whole shoot was the Horse ( beheaded tribune ) which would run off and then come running back to a whisle .... bonkers!

And Russell Crowe was big annoying c%*k as well

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