1984 is finaly here

Your turn next.

Balls! Evil meglomaniac.

every day there seems to be something new with this lot.

as an aside do you reckon I can get them to fit some into my neighbours place? she's not troublesome at all, but I'd like to watch her wee!
Not reading it because they spelt finally wrong.
Aldous Huxleys Brave New World?

Or what was that old joke about the Russians, they too have TV, the only difference is, it watches you.

But don't worry, it's all in the public interest.


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CCTV in our own homes, to protect us from ourselves.


When can we start our hate sessions?
Will Blair be the next Goldstein?
Looks like tin foil hatted mumblings from someone with too much time on his hands. But in a way I wish it was true, some of these feral families need someone to get a grip of them, I quite like the idea of 20,000 doss head families being banged up in their own little Guantanamo Bays. Personally, I don't think it quite goes far enough. I'd like to see orange jump suits, ritual beatings posted on youtube, water torture and sleep deprivation. And maybe something involving adders. Or them things in Star Trek what crawl into your ear.
It sounds as if it is offered to problem families as a solution. If that is the case and they are accepting the monitoring then it's a bit of a non-story. It certainly doesn't sound like it is being forced on them. Wonder when some of the better scenes and up on You Tube though!
Could do with them in the home of the family on last nights bbc programme 'Neighbourhood watchers'

One brother sat on top of the other thumping him in the kitchen.

Moosey mum ' Richard, how many times have i told you not to smoke when fighting!'

Richard ( who was around 12 years old ) 'I aint using both hands, i'm fighting with one and holding me fag with the other!'

Then hands ciggy to moosey mum to hold so he could batter his brother with both hands.



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After the very successful voluntary trials of 'Home Safety Monitoring' which was rolled out 5 years ago, followed by the 'Compulsory Anti-Social Behviour Monitoring Program', which proved to be a huge success in disrupting the activities of the worst offending families in Britain, the government is now planning to extend the program to all families with children in order that immediate parental support can be provided by a nationwide network of 'Parental Advisors'. A government spokesperson said "There is no truth in the story that the government plans to roll this out to every household with a staturory participation requirement, whether or not they have children.

Those against the idea of this nationwide state monitoring say that people have already been arrested, with their children being taken into care for saying the wrong thing to their children. One parent, having just been released from a 'Civic Education Facility' explained that, after his son came down for breakfast with his hair in the latest fashion, he said "You can't go to school like that son, it looks gay". Within 6 minutes, Social Enforcement Personnel arrived at his doorstep, backed by the police, a search warrant, 'Social Care Order' from the Family Courts and an arrest warrant for the father for 'Hate Crimes'. As his crime had already been recorded in his home via a video datalink, there was no requirement for a court appearance. The evidence was deemed sufficient to pass an 'In Absentia' sentence.

Proponents and campaign groups for the scheme have said that the government does need to implement this across the country, in all dwellings to stop crimes before they occur. They say the breeding ground for hate crime and the criminalisation of young minds occurs at home, with the parents, and if it can be stopped there, society will be a better place for it. They argue that once the crime has been committed, the mind is already tuned to criminality, and it's too late.
I wouldnt worry too much about the cost. This could easily be self funding by initiating a "Pay-Per-View" system where you can bung the govt a couple of quid to watch the untermenche of society beat their kids and feed them turkey twizzlers.
It'll have to be better than dullard Big Brother :roll:

Only if there some young chav totty getting a good shagging in the garden from her boyfriend Daz/Wayne/Leroy whilst the 'surveillance' watched on. :twisted:
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