I had no idea that between 8 - 11 November 1983, while Yuri Andropov held the premiership of the USSR, Thatcher was in No 10, Regan was in the White House and I was out on the 'lash' in Osnabruck; CPX ABLE ARCHER was taking place in Belgium, and that that CPX was the one moment in history when the world came the closest is had ever come to nuclear armageddon. Soviet ground forces reacted to it by deploying to their war stations, Soviet Rocket Troops had their fingers on the button and we came within a cat's whisker of being blown off the planet!

Channel 4 have produced an excellent documentary 1983 The Brink of Armageddon which reconstructs the events leading up that point and is well worth watching if you, like me, were a Cold War Warrior at the time.

You will need to register, download the softwear and log in and watch it for free.

Scary stuff!
Mrs Berlin and I watched it on TV when it was shown and can thoroughly recommend it. It was sobering to realise that if it hadn't been for that Sov officer ignoring what his computer was telling him (twice) we would have been toast.

It was also instructive to see how very powerful people are just as capable as the proletariat of putting two and two together and making five. It's just that the consequences of getting it wrong are much more severe!


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Good point, the man who saved the world by acting on his instinct instead of obeying a computer was thrown out of the Soviet Military and now appears to live in rather reduced circumstances in a dingy little flat!

Sounds about right!

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