1980s uber walts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. back when I was a cadet used to by survival weapons and techniques (SWAT) magazine monthly.
    the uberwlat magazine :?
    anyway amongst the madness inside was a group calling itself the alpha group who were setting up there own stay behind group armed with pump action shotguns!! 8O.
    I imagine they got stamped on pretty hard but were there any court case in the UK relating to these loons?
  2. Did they get the idea from "Action" comic ? They had a story about some lorry driver giving the "Volgan" invaders what for with a shotgun. Savage I think his name was. I remember having to hide said rag from my Dad as it was so irredeemably violent - it got banned or something fairly quickly I think.
  3. Difficult to say... The '88 ban on SLRs (which also made "Alpha Group's" shotguns Sec. 1 - they were Franchi PA8s if I recall) but an end to most of these groups.

    However you'll find some of the members of similar organisations still around... Particularly in sporting/competition gun circles where some of the "names" activities during the 1980's would at best be embarrasing if raised at the local parish shoot.

    There was also a little bit of nastiness around the Wrexham area involving some, less public spirited let's say, devotees of said magazine, which perhaps more even than the weapons legislation put an end to the large scale UK "survival" movement.
  4. they had a whole list of kit recruits were ment to buy even when I was about 14 thought they were nutters
  5. Tell us more about what went on round Wrexham, Biscuits?
    What was it, stay-behind survivalist group by day, armed robbers by night?
  6. That was "Invasion" from "2000AD" I think (not sure if it started in "Action" -"Action" had the splendidly violent "Hookjaw" - about a shark. There were certainly questions in the House and the odd attack of the vapours around "Action" - I loved it!)

    Bill Savage recently popped up again in a new updated "Invasion" story in 2000AD (saddo that I am I still subscribe to it at 40 years old).

    I loved the "Invasion" story - the scene of Sappers bringing down Nelson's Column onto a convoy of invading Soviet, I mean Volgan, tanks. A Mrs Thatcher character (Mrs Carpenter I think she was called) being executed on the steps of St Pauls Cathedral by the Volgans. Still very vivid memories after 25ish years.

    I guess it was of its time - sort of appeared around the same time as General Sir John Hackett's "The 3rd World War" book
  7. More your potential revolutionaries, although I believe armed robbery featured in the actual charges. The lead character being someone who anyone of the age to have read SWAT as a teenager would recognise. if only by name. Don't want to be any more specific as I haven't quite got my ducks on in a row about what happened and there are obviously legal implications.

    However, just to illustrate the other side of the coin, there were people in the Kent area, fronted up by a larger than life and pseudonymous character, with a rather celebrated background in the UKSF community who also frequently graced the pages of SWAT who were seriously considered by their local warbook holders as worthy of a rap on the door should we enter the "transition to war". This as opposed to the forcible opening of the door at Oh-Dark-Hundred that would likely have befallen the more obviously militaristic types...
  8. SWAT magazine the home of the 80s walt all rather sad as the whole getting guns and stuff into a bunker didnt really work in the uk.
    I remeber vaguely letters from survialists justfying hiking round the countryside dressed in cam gear carrying huge knives barking madness . Dosent the cold war seem an innocent safe time nowadays :)
  9. B_B, would those have been left over from the group round ex-Gen Sir Walter Walker in the mid-70s? GB75 or whatever it was called?
  10. I'm not sure about GB75, there's a heck of a lot of tinfoil hattery connected with the name.

    Anyway, nope.

    It was a society something along the lines of "Olde Englande" Waltishness.
    Big on chivalry, self reliance and the God given right of Englishmen to do...whatever they wanted basically.
    Weaponry and the like weren't their forte, although they certtainly had access to firearms they were more Purdey than Franchi.
    A lot of ex senior ranks and generally peculiar characters.
  11. Ah, SWAT magazine and 200AD, those were the days...

    I remember getting slightly scared when I sent off for a catalogue advertised in SWAT cos I wanted to buy some stuff for a school camping trip.
    I got the catalogue back, but as well as camping stuff they had a whole page of nazi memorabilia and tapes of speeches by Hitler, Eugene Terreblanche and Ian Smith.
    Tons of knives too, I thought the Klan were coming to press-gang me!

    2000AD though, Bill Savage was a hero. He was in another story where Britain got flooded (global warming?) and he cruised around with his shotgun in an old DUKW. Rogue Trooper and Dredd were awesome, of course, but DR and Quinch joining the Space Marines was just total class.....
  12. Colliding nuclear submarines in the arctic.(ISTR).

    To the tune of Garryowen......
    We're the Space Marines,
    We're glorious, we're steadfast brave and true,
    And if we do not like your face this is what we'll do,
    We'll sneer and spit and call you names,
    Tip Napalm down your shir-rt,
    We'll borrow all your garden tools and never give them back.
  13. Official war-cry of the Space Marines....

    "Eat Plutonium Death, You Disgusting Alien Wierdos!"
  14. Soon to be echoed on the plains of Persia I fear