1980s ration packs.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Timbo74, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Evening gents, I have quite a strange request for help.
    I work for English Heritage who have recently re-opened an ROC bunker in York for tours to the public.

    I am after a source for the old 24 hour Ration Packs, as an ex-STAB I remember them having bacon burgers, beans, biscuits brown, tea, coffee, glucose sweets, soup etc., oatmeal? Was there a chicken supreme option as well? As the bunker closed in 1991, I am after late 80's production.

    These were used in the bunker as emergency rations in the event of a nuclear strike, visitors I think would appreciate the chance to see what the ROC volunteers would have eaten.

    Does anyone have any packs in their garage or attic, I could pay a small amount as a poor civil servant or donations could be rewarded with a free tour..

    This is not a WAH, I would have to be sick to want to eat those biscuits again! :oops:

    Please PM me if any old and bold find any.
  2. I've got some oddments left over. I think I have a tin of steak and kidney pudding and some similar loose items if they are of serious interest. My brother recently moved house and turned up an "emergency box" full of "survival" items and some oddments from ration packs. This was all stuff that I'd left behind! :D
  3. Thanks EX, I had some odds and sods left over as well in my folks garage.
    But we are really after full packs to show peolple what these guys would have eaten.
    I'd forgot the steak and kidney pudding-it was pretty good!
  4. OK,

    Feel free to let me know if you require other items I might have.
  5. Was it really Chicken Supreme? As I've been searching for the recipe and coming across something quite different from what we got in those olive drab tins.
  6. ...........................
  7. Ah Babies Heads and Mashed Pom.....Mmmmm
  8. Cake, Rich Fruit...lush! "Chicken in"...not so lush...brrr!

    Menu A was my favourite, with Dayglo orange curry, until my lazy slug of a stuped b'stard driver drew 14 days rations - all Menu A. Cnut. I hope he is still stuck in the one-way system at Lemgo - it always used to defeat him in the eighties!
  9. How about "screech" the Orange or Lemon powder ? IIRC we also used it to shine up brass in place of Brasso......and the shiny Toilet paper that just smeared the poo around your bum......butter in tubes...and the milk...
  10. Quote..Cuddles.. Cake, Rich Fruit...lush!

    We use to fry the Rich Cake, nice with a hot Brew...For Winners!!.. :D
    Also we use to throw tins of "Cheese Possessed" at the German kids, without
    the little tin opener.
    Also Boilies were a favourite amongst the Germanic kids...:).. :wink:

    And at the end of Ex, think it was either Ex Whirlygig Or Ex Keystone, the
    good old "All in" anything left over from the past month went in the pot.
    Made some right belly swellers...:).. :wink:
  11. I have to admit we also threw hexi blocks with jam on them...
  12. Wouldn't it have been crueller to give the little Erichs the cheese possessed WITH the opener??
  13. Bugger... :roll: So thats where i was going wrong.. :wink:
    Schieser, Ich bien ein Dumbkoff... :wink:
  14. Try Overlord Militaria, Tonge Moor Road, Bolton...Tel 01204 398717.

    They used to sell unopened 24hr ration packs only a year or two back....one of our lads bought some...I promply hijacked the cheese possessed! :D

  15. As true as I live and breath, i had a blockage in the cooling system on my car (a 504 at the time) and the REME bloke said just put compo orange juice in it, I thought he was joking, but out of desperation I tried it and never had problems again. I loved the compo sausages in the 10 man packs!!!!