1980s Compo menu choices..anyone got one please?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Arthur3bums, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi All
    I'm well into my second book about living/fighting on a Tank in a fictional WW3 and have just hit a snag..............I can't remember what the 4man/10 man Menu choices were in the compo packs..........haven't got a menu sheet as it was probably used to supplement the meagre supply of individual toilet paper sheets!!!
    Anyway, if anyone was in during the 80s and knows what the choices were or has a copy of one of those sheets I'd be grateful if I could have a butchers at it?? I've checked various websites and they only show more 'modern' but actually less appetizing looking menus.
    Thanks all
    "Tankie out!!"
  2. IIRC there was;

    Cheese Possessed
    Chicken Curry
    Breakfast Roll that looked like ham roll that you cut up and fried.
    Tinned Margarine
    Babies Heads - mmmmmmmmm!
    Sausages and beans
    Powdered coffee and powdered tea - NOT mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Oatmeal biscuits
    50 year old chocolate that was a dry as a Nuns cnut

    Help me somebody!
  3. Chicken Supreme
    Red Salmon
    Boiled Sweets................
  4. not breakfast Roll - it was bacon grill and lovely it was too!
    don't forget the screech and spangles/ boilles
    chocolate plain and dark -I think there was fruit and nut as well
    blue plastic salt shaker
    mixed fruit pudding (mfp)
  5. Ghoulash
    Chicken in brown sauce (as it was called)
    Tinned sausages
    Instant mash
    Chicken Curry
    Tins of rice
    boiled sweets

    Thats all I can remember
  6. Luncheon meat - big tins of the stuff
  7. Apple Flakes
  8. 'Mock Turtle' soup, how could anyone forget that? :)
  9. OMG I just remembered that :D
  10. I think the chicken supreme was in the Arctic rat packs, along with dried peas and boil in the bag rice. You needed lots of water to cook that one.

    It's all I had for about a week during Op Corporate....took years before I'd let the Doris cook me a chickem supreme at home!

    :( :( :(

  11. Menu A - chicken curry and rice ,apple flakes. Menu B-steak and kidney pudding, spaghetti in tomato sauce, apple flakes , Menu C-steak and onion casserole,beans ,fruit salad. Menu D, minced steak,mixed veg ,mixed fruit pudding :lol:
  12. Have a look at 'Forces 80.com'
  13. Don't forget tins of chocolate and sweets, sweets and matches, hard tack mash spud, sardines, cheese possessed, milk powder (that burnt really well), apple dumplings, stewing steak, bacon grill, beans, hamburger roll and porridge oats