1980s BAOR Transactional Sex Beasts - all stories here !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. I have just had a long chat with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and they have agreed to fund a longitudinal study into "Masculinity & the use of alcohol in bonding combatants prior to & after Combat Ops" & also a study into "Transactional Sex in the BAOR of the 1970/80's & why did soldiers procure the opposite gender for intercourse at weekends on alcohol fueled desires"

    I have been given a research grant of £50K for each project and a year to produce a Thesis. Any help in compiling this would be appreciated. My first think tank is a weekend in Doncaster on the 25th -27th Jan. Free accomodation is provided at the Days Inn & RV will be 1930hrs on The Friday in Wetherspoons. I have a corporate card that will be lodged behind the bar. Please identify yourself with a simple white sticker annotated either "Alcohol Bonding Squaddie" or "BAOR 1980's Transactional Sex Beast"

    Thanks in advance

    Dr Mervyn Huddleston, PhD, BEd, JP, OBE, VD Scab & Bar

    Folk please post all of your stories here so I can cut and paste them into my Thesis. From a 20DM Handjob to your experiences with Dutch Polynesian Hermaphrodites in Maastricht. Spill the beans with your war stories. I'll put up a Sandbag. Who will be the bravest & go first ?....
  2. wow!!!

    can i come dr merv?????

    then again, no im not drinking in spoons.


  3. In the 1980s it was not unheard of for soldiers wives to work in brothels. LOL.
  4. Was not in the army in the 1980's but I'd be happy to help you spend the money!

    T C
  5. Was it not the Staffords who's wifes turned some MQ's in Fally into knocking shops during GW1? or myth?
  6. Most certainly NOT a myth - not sure if it was the Staffords but there was definitely a wifeys knocking shop up there in "The Bronx". I was desperately trying to find out where it was so I could have a Duty coke on patrol..... :D
  7. As part of the study you may wish to investigate why the ONLY duty soldiers volunteered for in Paderborn was the Bulk Rubbish Collection - particularly during Op Banner tours.
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    You will never find me.

    Oh sorry I miss read, I thought you said Transexual Sex Beasts.
  9. There was a fraulein who had a lot of friends in Hohne garrison,particularly in notorious Snake Pit bar in sixties.Her name frequently comes up on 11Hussars website over 40 years later.
  10. When down the FI in the 80's rumours filtered to us that some of the "wifes of" were playing away in the NAAFI ffs!!!
    Some guys were getting obviously a bit upset.

    But thinking about the state of some of them - ron hills etc - whoever did them must have been desperate or depraved :D :D
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was in BAOR during the 80's according to my red book and some photographs but I cant recall much, if you can remember it you obviously werent there!
  12. Only if I can bring the children
  13. Careful duffdike, with the quality of academic analysis evidenced this week that may be reproduced in the report as "all squaddy wives are whores"...
  14. Fine but there will be a two-can rule...
  15. Leave our feathered friends out of this.