1979 redux....


The leader of Iraq's best-known Shia opposition group has told thousands of supporters that Iraqis would not accept a government imposed by foreigners.

Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim was addressing a crowd in the southern city of Basra, after returning from exile in Iran on Saturday.

Anyone remember Ayatollah Khomeni's return to Iran? :-/


what will happen then is a civil war kurds and sunnis agaisnt shias, the shias seemed to have forgotten what its like to live under saddam already,

Mr Happy

It's like the other bit of the ME.  

All the pr*cks that want to be boss stand up and shout and whoever carries the popular shout the loudest gets to be boss, then he tells all his followers "actually chaps, the americans arent all bad" and they say "but boss weve built the suicide bombs and been training for ages" and then they form split groups of varying militancy and become uncontrollable and, well you know the rest.  NI and Palestine.

Its just politics for a corrupt religion in a corrupt region.

Fck em.