1979 Northern Ireland Flak Vest

Flak vest used in NI, excellent condition, comes with ballistic filler,

Size large :D

£34.99 plus postage which is 8 for it being a little heavy.

If you would like a pic PM please.
why on earth did you buy one of those?!
Is this one of the ex-Vietnam US Army ones (early 70's) complete with graffiti/writing ? I got bloody boils on the back of my neck with mine. Weighed a ton, but kept you warm in Winter.
Dig a big hole in your garden and bury it.

Say a prayer over it and pray that no one will ever have to wear such shite again.

However, there is always ebay and zillions of Walts. (Make sure you say ex RM, PARA, SAS) Go for it, You know it makes sense!!
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