Anyone remember this bunch of cut throats?????? :?

From back far left.
Clifford 'Rivit' Ravate from Gillingham, Paul Salter (29cdo) from Barnstaple, Adrian Sweet (29cdo) from St. Austell, Smith, David Johnson 519 (9/12AD) from York, James Hayter (5 Hvy) from Essex, Lloyd (2nd Fd) from Wales, Micky Quinn (T/12AD) from Wrexham

Centre row.
Troy'Brum' Davies (39 Fd?) obviously from Birmingham, Grant (52/22AD) from Alford, Lincs, Les Dawson (T/12AD) from Preston, Scouse Dickinson(50Msl) from you guessed it, Liverpool, Jimmy Chalmers (22Loc) from Scotland, Eric Hopper (58/12AD) from Brigg, Lincs., though a Geordie by birth, killed in a car accident 23/10/86, Martin Birch (32/16AD) from Loughborough, Lee Johnson (9/12AD) from Brigg, Lincs., Nathan Amesbury (30/16AD)

Front row.
McIver (5th Hvy) from Liverpool, John Smallcombe (5th Hvy) from Bristol, Crispin John Paton-Smith (94Loc) from Canterbury, Sgt G. Fred Johnson (32GW later AAC), WO2 Mick Bush (7RHA), Sgt Joe Moore (22AD) Millard (58/12AD) from York, John Groves (32GW) from Bristol, Mcnally (58/T/12AD) from Blackpool, lived next door to the Nolan sisters :lick:

Not on the photo: Peter Hine (7RHA) from Southampton, Doherty (45Med) from Scotland, Goddard (26 Fd?)

Crikey, where did all the info come from.
Oh, for those days again. The time of my life :D


I can see this is in the wrong spot, when you have a minute, please bung it in the JLRRA section.
Its a while since I have been on ARSSE.
How goes it Macca?

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