1978 - Ulster - SAS ?

Please excuse me. My late brother served with 2 RRF. He did at least three tours of Ulster in the 1970's.

He had PTSD and was murdered by foreigners in 2001 in Sheffield.

We, the family, know that according to records, his Regiment did two tours that the MOD records now show.

His last tour he mentioned ,his mate had his head blown off. He had recurring nightmares about this. We suspect he was serving with other than 2 RRF at this stage in late 1978.

He was one of the team that beat the Paras at the Freefall parachuting Rhine Army competition at Badd Lippspringe in 1978. I have his plaque.

He did say he was at Hereford, but he said he had been turned down. He was a 'blue budgie' holder and a marksman, as well as a small arms weapons instructor.

I served in Ulster in 1974 and supported an SAS strike near Newtonards, against a UDA store.

Is there any way, we, the family, can find out if he served 'elsewhere' ?

As an aside, I served with 26 AES, Royal Engineers, then based at the Maze prison.
If you have all the required info regarding your brother then complete the SAR form at the provided link, the APC will then provide service history, but this can be a slow process!

Print the form, fill in and send to the required address, you obviously cant act on his behalf as you would have needed his written consent, you could on the other hand fill in the form as your brother but you would need his SN, an idea of dates of service, a photo copy of some form of ID (passport/driving licence etc)

Link to form: http://www.mod.uk/NR/rdonlyres/9673F94B-88CD-41DF-87A4-34C233E7F916/0/dpa_sar_form.pdf

Hope this helps

No worries mate my old man was was with them, around the same time in n.ireland & cyprus during the 60's as far as i know.

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