1970s Rhodesian Propaganda Video

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ignorant_Layman, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. [video=youtube;TYL6aTK3k6Y]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYL6aTK3k6Y[/video]

  2. The past is another country and I always found watching padres & septic evangelicals preach hard to watch in this flick.
    I presume due to the christian message and Moore's inclusion it was particularly made for a spam audience in mind.
    However, history has largely proved them right even to China's exploitation of the continent's wealth - vide the recent inclusion of SA in BRICS.
    Cecil & Downing's doc imo was far better, pity it has yet to be resurrected in its entirety.
  3. "Propaganda?" more like an accurate prediction of the truth, suppressed by the BBC and others.
    Can the Church of England produce such people anymore? Or is that hippy Marxist in a frock (Dr Williams) the best they've got- the original "uncertain trumpet."
  4. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that what was said in the videos was necessarily false by calling it "propaganda" - just can't think of another word to describe it.
  5. Positive spin.
  6. I think that would have made it sound even more like I was having a go at the Rhodies, sadly!

  7. That seems a pretty accurate word to me. The footage seems to have been produced to put across a particular message (upstanding christians of all colours against the commies) to the US.

    Interesting though - thanks.
  8. Propaganda was the principle product of the British Government. From UDI onwards, the reporting of the issues to a British public was woefully one-sided, the Rhodesians were painted as Zenophobic racist settlers in most the media in this country. Rhodesia was never given a fair hearing. The Rhodesians could see what the British refused to see elsewhere North of the Zambezi in the rest of post-independent Africa. They knew exactly what lay in store for them if independence was to be achieved on Bitish terms and they were right. British foreign Policy during that period had little to do with diplomacy and more to do with pure spite. Rhodesia's internal settlement of 1979 as a consequence of Kissinger's pressure upon South Africa, could have worked under the moderate Able Muzorewa. It was strangled at birth by Thatcher who acted on the advice of Carrington. Zimbawe-Rhodesia could have become a prosperous multi-racial pro-Western democracy had the British governent stood up to the likes of Kaunda, Machel and others in the so-called 'front-line states and WCC. Even after the elections of 1980, Soames, who threatened to ban any political party engaging in intimidation caved in to Mugabe's threat to absolve himself from the Lancaster House if Soames invoked his powers. It was a gutless act of pure political expediency and the desire to wash its hands of Rhodesia that led Soames and London to allow Mugabe a free hand to act in the way that he did in order to achieve electoral victory. Britain's treatment of that country and its people left me with a deep loathing and distrust of British politicians that remains with me to this day. Thirty two years later, as an Englishman, I still feel as betrayed and as bitter as the Rhodesians did when everything they had put into that country since 1890, their service to our country in two world wars and Malaya was sold down the river by British politicians to a tryant who made no secret of his intentions.
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  9. "Information Ops" has been used in the babble, but it's still just propaganda. When we had a War Office there was a Ministry of Information.