1970s Coup by British Forces????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dread99, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Was it just a glorious dream...or did this old ex - NCO get called in by his superior and told to be ready for what was going to be a Coup, all of the lefties in government were going to be rounded up and thrown in the tower(I think it would have filled up very quickly) and the country was to be handed back to the queen under the figurehead of Lord Mountbatten. (I think somebody like Wedgwood Benn and Foot had made promises to disband allour forces and hand the country over to the Soviets if they gained power. Does anybody else remember this??? or am I aloooooonnne. Obviously it never happened....(maybe it should have...perhaps Gordon would have gotten his other eye poked out at the time....should people like him be allowed to breed?????)
  2. I'm willing to volunteer for any realistic re-enactments, should you so wish!
  3. I Volunteer!!
  4. I thought it was earlier around 66 - 67.
  5. search in the forums for "coup detat" if thats how you spell it. we had an in depth discussion about it a couple of weeks ago...all the history, names and plans can be found there.
  6. Two proposed coups that explains my confusion.
  7. It was a good thread..."The Cad" was elected as commander in chief (and is now held on charges of conspiracy) and various plots emerged as well as the history of the 1970's scheme.
  8. Do you get a medal for taking part in a coup?

    (If it's successful, obviously).
  9. you can get a title should you be successful (as history can tell us). Although the position of lord high executioner will be very competive to pursue at least 50 Arrse members want it.
  10. Why is my journalist detector going fucking mad?

    First post and you just happen to remember being called in by your superior (not OC, or CO, or Boss?) as an NCO to discuss a forthcoming coup d'etat?
  11. thats actually a very good point (jimmys_best_mate)...
    what a bloody coincidence especially since most know of our light hearted talk of coups and you bring it up now the papers are doubting gordon...

    I do hope I dont find an article talking about "British service men plotting coup against Brown"

    may I ask that nobody warrant such baiting and ignore the above topic/dont make any stupid comments he wants to hear
  12. Journalist???? I ******* wish!!!!!No just a person of the calibre many of us were in those days....(Why did I turn down that chance to go to Sandhurst in 75?I,ll never know, but I bet my life would be different now)(you couldn,t get in the Army Juniors if you had the slightest stain on your character - nicking some sweets no chance baby) I,m interested in anything and everything....and I was there. (is it true anybody can get in these days????? the police seem to have more reprobates than they ever did)
  13. S'funny. Dread99's first post seemed more innocent than his second. How long have the pubs been open?

    Perhaps if he'd gone to Sandhurst, he'd have learned the difference between a comma and an apostrophe.
  14. My God is it really that bad, in my time we didn,t fear the "funny people" they were on our side....You are all scared to say shit...Did blair,s lot infiltrate the forces so much...I suppose we had a common enemy in the Soviets back then....now it looks like you are all turning on yourselves like rats in a sack. Hey just a question for you heroes....do they still make you wear a white shirt and a dicky bow and serve like slaves in the officers and sergeants messes....well I cut off my tapes threw them on the SSMs table and said I didn,t join up to be a waiter and they could throw me in the nick, but there was no way I was going to wait on tables. Yes yes they gave me the old lecture about how it was tradition and they all had to go through it. The Rasman didn,t like it when I said "more fool you"I didn,t wait on ever! and if you don,t wait on tables maybe you should thank me, I was the one who had the guts to tell them that they were giving illegal orders and they should buy in outside caterers... and if you still wait on???? theres no answer to that without insulting you.