1968 - as momentous as the BBC would have us think?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Victorian_Major, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else getting a bit tired by the BBC's bleating that 1968 was a momentous, epoch-changing year?

    You should have been there - 1968.

    After all, if it was so good, wouldn't they have set Life on Mars five years earlier? As an erstwhile student of history I'm wondering if 1968 only gets prominence because commissioning editors are, on average 40 or so years old? Or perhaps because the sort of people making potato prints in the back of camper vans in between riots in 1968 are now about 60 or so years old and run the BBC?

    The trouble is I also get it from my parents; 'momentous year, marched against this, against that, met one of the Dimblebys,' yadda yadda yadda.


    Bad clothes.
    Bad music.
    Corrupt politicians.
    Misguided wars.

    Nothing remarkable about that for us, is there? Or am I really missing something?
  2. IIRC it is the only year since WW2 that no British service men or women were killed on active duty. That would make it a good year in my book.
  3. It was the height of the movement that was tearing down the old social order, blissfully and wilfully ignorant of the fact they had nothing with which to replace it but empty rhetoric and wishful thinking.

    That generation is directly responsible for the state of the nation today, like children escaping from the child-seat and seizing control of the car.
  4. Trust me, it was total shite, i time travelled back there with Doctor Who to save a young Maggie Thatcher from the evil robot the argies sent back to destroy her.
    Its just because anything before the 60's great and they dont want to acknowledge the sad state of affairs the world is in now is because of the fcukin hippie movement and them "changing" things back then.

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  6. Exactly, There was even something on ITV about this, and now i can see why the great old BBC cnuts are trying to flog it off as something else.
  7. No, its not just you VM. It is tiresome.
    You are correct to think that its just a great big circle jerk from all various editors, producers, and similar ilk in the Media who started off as Student Gwants in the late 60's.

    That generation bore the arse off me. Did the usual adolescent rebellion stuff to upset Daddy, then ended up joining the establishment that they so despise. ***** the lot of 'em!

    Back in the real world, normal folk just got on with their lives

    The most significant and important fact about 1968, is that it is the only year since the end of WW2 that a British Serviceman has not been killed in action

  8. Beat me to it one-flew, surely a reason to celebrate in anyone's book.

  9. My bold - the other most significant fact about this year is that I was born! Hurrah for me.
  10. Only year since 1900 I seem to recall
  11. Bet that doesn't get mentioned at all by the useless t**ers in the BBC
  12. Its significant only in that a lot of the baby boomer generation were hitting 18-20 years of age by then, and they're totally convinced what happened when they were young was the most important thing, god when will they hurry up and die. Clearly, 1979 was a far more momentous year, rather than a fake hippy revolution that didn't last, '79 had 3 world transforming ones, the beginning of the Neo-liberal revolution in Britain and the US, the Chinese changed from state socialism to market-driven economics (the effects of which are only becoming apparent now) and the Islamic revolution in Iran, all in one year!
  13. In my opinion Only good thing is it is the only year a soldier wasn't killed on service.

    The 60s marked the start of the decline of Britian as a respected Nation, which was temporarily saved in the mid 80s and has now continued its slow decline to obscurity.

    The 60s saw the start of the breakdown of pride, family values and respect for tradition in this country.
  14. I was only here on three occasions during the sixties, due to overseas postings, and what I saw here was pants compared to other counties, mad ********* posing as Social Changers, Socialist left wingers out to change the world, (but not knowing or caring into WHAT). They are they were the root cause of most of todays ills in this poor benighted country I call mine. A curse on all their houses, and bad CESS to them one and all.

    Thompson.........A foaming pint of John Barleycorn if you please...Thank you
  15. I agree with those that say it was the only year since WW2 that a British soldier has not been killed in action.

    Oh! West Brom won the FA Cup that year as well!!