1961 Triumph Tigress 250 for sale

Triumph Tigress 250e with a few spare parts inc stainless wheel hubs spare wheel and loom and odds&sods also has 2 different style rear racks, floor board extensions, plus a load of original dealer service sheets(1-12) showing how to do certain jobs etc also pitman book and BSA instruction manual . Has been fitted with new michelin dexter tyres and inner tubes. I'm not sure whats wrong with it but I don't think it's anything major a few little dents here and there but a nice ride as is scooter. I'm looking for £700
Only selling to fund a new scooter

Hey, that's pretty cool. Not my cup of tea but cool nevertheless.


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After nearly 5 years if it hasn't been sold -you'd have to ask why not.
Where to ******* start? Triumph is an iconic British motorcycle. In the 60's they noticed puffs were riding scooters. The puffs outnumbered the bikers, even though the bikers were harder and usually won the fights (Quadraphenia is a film. Real life was different). So Triumph decided to build a scooter. Completely ignoring the fact that Lambretta could go like shit off a shovel and Vespa had cornered the market for ******* puffs with RAF decals on their tragic little scooters.

This was a dark time for Triumph and we do not talk of it now.


******* scooters. Get a ******* job.
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