1961 - Jnr Para

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Bus Pass 01, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. Just noticed this Pathe clip by accident so just posted here. The way we were, another planet, Beverley brought back some memories. I see £££££ when looking at the new Dennison smocks!

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  2. Fifteen? Some of them look to be about twelve. And yet, my old man, born in late 1942, so not much older than the bairns in this film, joined the Merchant Navy at fifteen. On his sixteenth birthday he had been around the world twice. As a sixteen year old he spent six weeks in an Egyptian prison for crippling a thieving Arab on his ship when said Arab came aboard thieving. (My old man had a broken arm at the time and crippled said Arab with a length of chain after he pulled a knife in the old man. However 1958 was not a good time to be British in Egypt following Suez - the Swiss Consulate eventually got him out and he ended up in a Turkish hospital.)

    To put this in context. As a fifteen year old I had a paper round. I look at this and my dad's story, and I feel old, soft and pampered.
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  3. Why the disagree Chimp?
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  4. Nice to see Paras with their badge correctly over and 1 inch above the left eye
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  5. Denison Trousers? Never seen those before....... Every day a school day
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  6. Ah Malta Barracks - having done various courses there I can say with some certainty they they, particularly the plumbing, have not been updated since this film was made.

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  7. They're not Denison, they're windproofs they go with the smock as used by the Cockleshell heros and the SAS.
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  8. HHH

    HHH LE

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  10. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    Brilliant! thanks for posting! The modern counterparts are mostly still on skateboards and being moisturized by Mum before leaving the house!

    I remember the company of Junior Paras at Derring lines Brecon during their trg, it must have been about 1966, it was a real pleasure to watch them.in passing, and to see the determination on their young faces.

    Edited to add: sorry for giving credit to the wrong poster. Bus Pass 01 take a bow!

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  11. cabin%20boy_zps5af4bcn4.JPG
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  12. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    Soutie Greetings! Ignore the Pratt, those boys are better men than ever he will be, even at their tender age! and that's for sure!
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  13. As stated,some look about 12.

    No H&S back then!
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  14. Yes, almost over left ear now same with RAF Regt, like the French - may be there is an EU directive on it ??
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  15. Maybe there was more pride in wearing the cap badge back then.