1960s Guards Documentary

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Hitch, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Whilst waiting for a life insurance lecture during training I recall being shown a black and white documentary on Guards recruits, possibly in Pirbright, possibly 1960s. Much more interesting than the lecture, never seen it since. Does anyone know it? Anyone have a copy?

  2. (Puts anorak and geek spectacles on before replying)

    I think the documentary was called 'All the Queen's Men' and was one of the first programmes to be shown on Channel 4 when it launched back in 1982. You're right in that it was made in the mid-sixties and covered basic training at Pirbright, public duties in London and operations in Aden and Borneo. It also focussed briefly on the Guards Independent Parachute Company. I remember one of the RSMs reminding a group of recruits about to go on leave for the first time to behave themselves and saying if any of them have a mate who might be interested in joining "Bring him back - we'll kit him out - we'll slot him in", obviously recruit selection was a little different 40 years ago. The documentary also showed a young Maj. Gen. Evelyn Webb-Cater as a subaltern explaining how the Grenadiers say 'Yes' and 'No' by saying 'Sir'. Webb-Carter is now the Controller of the ABF. I did have a copy on video for many years but I'm not sure if it ended up being binned when we moved house a few years ago. I'll check in the loft to see if I still have it and if I find it, try and get a copy of it for you.