1954 No1 Parachute School Video

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Thermal_Warrior, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Thermal_Warrior

    Thermal_Warrior Old-Salt

    Just found this for anyone that's interested:-


    It's the complete video of life at the training school for wannabe jumpers. Great stuff for those who've ever been there.... Looks like not much has changed, bar the balloon and the 'knacker cracker'. 8O
  2. Good one. Abingdon, I'm sure (the mortuary was between the accommodation block and the training hangar, as a confidence-building measure).

    Didn't hear any of the old familiar screams from the knacker cracker though.
  3. exile1

    exile1 LE

    Bludy 'ell......this has brough back far distant memories! Brilliant.
  4. civpop42

    civpop42 Old-Salt

    I am only here because my father met my mother at the 101 club when he was working there. Living near RAF Benson and RAF BRize Norton as a young lady confirmed to mum she needed a real man. She heard the Army were at Abingdon and they were airbourne warriors. :D
  5. exile1

    exile1 LE

    remember the new 101 when back for continuation trg in the early 60's. RAF had it soft even then!
  6. civpop42

    civpop42 Old-Salt

    An official complaint was raised toward the army contingent to stop wiping their greasy mits on the curtains in the cookhouse. My dad ran the hotdog van in the market place in Abingdon while he was there. It was a converted moris minor van.
  7. That was somthing to watch, did mine in brize after the ballon jump we had somthing stronger than a cup of tea and a piano playing.
    great stuff
  8. Great clip.Unfortunately my course had it's numbers cut suddenly,when a Hastings speared in over Bicester.We all lost good friends.Rest of the course in Argosy and Herc.My main(happy)memory of that course,was the stern short lecture from a grizzled para maj,who was head of PCAU at Abingdon,at the time,about the dangers of parachuting,immediately after the accident.
  9. mgmidget

    mgmidget War Hero

    Did mine 25 years after that film and it wasnt so different at Brize. Loved the piano and fags routine in the Naafi
  10. It was probably the same piano I remember from 1972. A bloke on my course turned out to be talented player, and I wouldn't be surprised if we sang the same songs too (although that rendition in the film was too clean to be true).