1950s SAS Landrover restoration.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Is there a Regimental Historian who might be able to assist a friend of mine in the restoration of a 1950's SAS Landrover gunship?


    It is earlier than a "Pink Panther" and could be seen as the "link" between the WWII Jeeps and the later SII Pink Panthers.

    Research is difficult because there's so much crap written about the SAS.

    The image above comes from:

    Other sources claim fitment of "two GPMG in front plus one 30 Browning in rear" which seemed very unlikely to me when I heard it! :roll:

    The vehicle is an original not a replica and bona fides can be provided. PM if preferred.
  2. Ex Stab,

    Check the Brooklands motor museum website. They have a veteran mil vehicle event every November. The experts will be there. Ring them and ask for contact dets.
  3. I should think he will be doing that as a matter of course but thanks for the suggestion. Some photos or other details from authoritative accounts are what he's really looking for. These are difficult to find hence the enquiry for a Regimental Historian.


  4. hi ex stab,
    thats abit of a find, theres only afew of those in existance.
    afar as weaponry is concerned with regards to the mk1 pinkies
    1. the rear weapon is a .30 cal browning and the ammo tins would be marked as 30 col belt fed.
    2. twin front mounted vickers k's, ammo stored in cartons or bandoliers
    3. in the rear is a 3.5 inch british airborne folding bazooka
    4. box of no.36 mills grenades
    5. the radio is a hf set type 119b, uber rare unless one is fitted already

    hope this helps mate
  5. Much better. I think the National Army Museum has one. They better had because a young SO3 Eqpt Manager I donated one to them via a long and convolutaed staff route.
  6. ... was that the one in Lugershall?

    I think I remember seeing a Mk1 in there on my YOs course...? (along with the BARV..). The original pinkie was based on a one ton Austin I think?

    Was there ever a Champ version? I suspect Lord H from the Fort might know.... :D

    BTW - what happened over Christmas...? Did you not reach a sufficient level of sobriety to work the phone???
  7. Hi, I think the landy in the pic is an 86in and was first seen in donnington in 55,(?) The missing link between Jeeps and landys is the austin champ. Is your photo from a sales leaflet, its very interesting.
  8. May have been 117 - I remember seeiing the BARV - also one at SHB.

    Xmas mate - time - lack of Mk1 - sorry :oops:
  9. Thanks for the very helpful replies chaps - keep them coming!
  10. Ex-Stab,there are several sites you could try for more info,www.hmvf.co.uk and the Ex Military Land Rover Association www.emlra.org has your friend applied for a history search from the RLC museum?

    There are a couple of photos of SAS Series One's in the book Military Land Rover by Pat Ware including two views of 43 BR 70 armed with two Vickers K's at the front and a Browning M2 .50 in the back,65 BS 03 is shown with twin K's in front and a Browning .30 in rear. I know of several "SAS Series One's" which are replicas and some of the details are not great,but only know of one other genuine desert patrol Series One and this was featured in a Land Rover magazine some years ago,if it's of use I'll dig out the date.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    If its the one in Chelsea (National Army Museum), and you can verify there is one there, I'll use the excuse to take my boy (its about a mile away), and go with digital camera in hand...
  12. It is indeed at Chelasea. Mate it was over 25 years ago I did my SO3 bit (General Jack Harmon was the Director of the NAM at the time). That they have one I know, if its still on display I don't BUT they probably will have it stashed somewhere if its not on display.

    I would be interested to see the piccies :D
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Ok, might not be this weekend, as I'm lounging today, and I'm taking my kids to St Paul's tomorrow; they're learning about Christianity at school and the teacher wants them to visit, so I'm taking them to the Eucharist.

    I will make it a trip for next Saturday morning, and post the pics when I get back...
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Not really relevant, but there's a movie about the LRDG (Drama) on Film4 starting in about 5 minutes...