1949184 Driver Leslie Dale BEM 84 Field Coy Royal Engineers

My Grandfather ‘1949184 Driver Leslie Dale BEM Royal Engineers’ fought in WWII as a member of 84 Field Coy RE. He served between 1941 and 1946 and was one of the lucky guys that took part in Operation Overlord, went over with the boys on D-Day 1944 and survived numerous engagements with the German Army in Operation Market Garden.

I myself joined the Royal Engineers in 1983 and felt quite proud to follow in my Grandfather footsteps. Before he died in 1985 he gave me his war medals and old kit bag. Then I didn’t realise the significance of the medals he gave me until just a few years ago when I dug them out and found his British Empire Medal.

I’ve created a website dedicated in his memory if any of you are interested.

I’m still unsure what he received the British Empire Medal for and would like to find out the official reason. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction?
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