1945 war debt to US almost paid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, May 3, 2006.

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  1. bit of a blow to GWB and the DoD ... hows he/they going to replace all the kit our squaddies liberate from the spams in future. Probably get an ASBO taken out on the British Army procluding them from approaching within 100yards of any piece of US Govt Issue kit.
  2. Random Fact:

    It's the reason all the silver was removed from British coins post 1947, to help make the payments.

    Best Regards,

  3. I thought we'd paid that off last year, oh well

    Another interesting fact; The Tory government defaulted on a couple of payments which is why we're still paying it off

    oh and that is the reason we've given into the US over everything since

    and the US are arrses...
  4. I thought this was paid two or three years ago. And the deal was made about 47 not 45. It required us to give up sterling as the international currency and to remove the trade barriers from the Empire so that the US could get a foot in the door.
  5. So for special relationship should we now read "Dry bummed" :?
  6. Yes we were well and truly shafted. Over a barrel with no place to go. It would also seem that we sent a stuck up knob to negotiate with the simple colonialists. :roll: They saw us coming.
  7. The US should be declared bankrupt and we'll take over and sort it out!
  8. well , its now going to be paid off and we will be able to sort our own financial future ourselves without being beholden to anyone, we are one of the top world economies, i think we are 4th since China has taken 3rd place. we are not doing so bad compared to some at least we wil have some cash to spare afterward.
  9. Is it true that Britain is the only country to fully pay off its war debt to the US? I read somewhere, some time ago that the US wrote off the French debt because they just refused to pay it.
  10. But I heard a few years ago that we still owe Canada quite a bit
  11. Dont the spams still owe taxes from the Boston Tea party?

    And dont they owe us for, well, being americans, mayflower and all that?

    AND, dont they owe us because THEY supported nationalist terrorism in N.I.?????
  12. They? US Govt or US Citizens? I'd imagine if the US had to pay for the actions of a small # of it's citizens the UK would be up shit creek without a paddle when various nations started to look where certain groups got some of their cash from .. eg British citizens / subjects / what ever the hell we are.
  13. My pre-WWII history is fuzzy at best, but what I think it is:
    The spams in the paris agrememnt promissed to pay the UK govenment for land sized from people who remained loyal to the crown. Anyone want to work out he intrest on that bugger?

    Of course we did sort of burn down their capital :D