1942 US Army guide......... how to spot a Jap!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Run_Charlie!, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Reminds me of the Nazi method for spotting Jews.
  2. "looks as if his legs are joined directly to his chest!"

    So where's his 'arr-so' then? :scratch:

  3. Link? ;)
  4. Taking it in the spirit I presume intended trick – as it formed part of the campaign to convince Germans the eradication of Jews was valid and essential – Flash may be thinking of ‘Der Giftpilz’, ’The Poison Mushroom’, which the nazis produced to indoctrinate children, and which contained such items as ’How One Recognizes the Jew’.

    Translated contents and pics HERE

  5. Pretty much the same sort of source.

    I remember reading an article in a monthly magazine. It may have been the written version of the 'World at War' (still in the loft I think). Can't rightly remember but some of the articles provided by No9 ring a bell. I'll try and dig it out.
  6. How to spot a CVR(T) :

    Goddam what ? Scimitar? Didn't ole Saladin carry one of them ? Done some god fangly trick with Richard 1 -ole King Dicky split a metal bar bar with his broadswoard and salad boy chucked a scarf up in the air, let it float onto his upturned scimmy blade whereupon it was parted. It's in the ladybird book so it must be true.
    Is there a Ladybird-apologies bug-book of AFV recognition available for middle aged airline pilots who are clearly out of their depth ? I do hope you land at LGW in your civvie role. The gloves WILL be off...or on if you get my drift. CNUT
  7. How may I re-direct your post?
  8. Current Affairs ?

  9. No. Mil History and Militaria.

    Hence why PTP split the thread.

    Keep it pure, infidels otherwise it moves.