1941 Courts Martial

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Mikal, May 26, 2010.

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  1. I am trying to resolve a loose end in my research about 22nd Dragoons.

    In 1941 the regiment had asked for an officer in 14/20 Hussars to be posted to them.

    On 5th March 1941 the Commanding Officer received a letter notifying him the officer was not available as he was on draft for overseas.

    On 30th March 1941 The officer turned up anyway to the surprise of all.

    On 8th September 1941 the officer was court martialled.

    22nd Dragoons by this time was at Helmsley.


    Question 1 - What would the likely location have been for the court martial?

    Question 2 - Although I know the name of the officer, I can find nothing by his name in The National Archives.

    Question 3 - What would the likely punishment for an officer have been for "misunderstanding he should have left on draft overseas and not appeared some weeks later at another regiment"?
  2. Apart from trying the CM records at The National Archives which I have done. Is there perhaps a reverse way of doing this? For example finding the responsible hosting brigade records ?

    I haven't found anyhting in 14/20H diary.

  3. He should have been cashiered for being a fukcwit