1940-41 London Bombing Map


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www.bombsight.org and The astonishing interactive map that show EVERY bomb dropped on London during the Blitz | Mail Online

Although this massive piece of research 'only' covers 7th October 1940 to 6th June 1941, and misses the September 1940 raids on the docks and elswhere*, Mrs S was able to find details of the bombs that fell in her road (one just behind her house) and ARRSErs with family memories of the London Blitz may be able to do likewise.

*including one in Kensington which was a direct hit on the shelter my mother normally used - but that night she had decided to die in her own bed instead. The next morning she saw a child's hand on the pavement ..


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the website link I think is overloaded as no worky - bombsite.org not the DM
How many more threads on this?
Deja Vu, thats French that is........from france........can we mark the targets that we think need to be bombed next time around???

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