1930s All Over Again ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Aug 5, 2006.

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  2. "Our present generation too is on the brink of moral insanity. That has never been more evident than in the last three weeks, as the West has proven utterly unable to distinguish between an attacked democracy that seeks to strike back at terrorist combatants, and terrorist aggressors who seek to kill civilians."

    The above extract from this misguided nonsense would be laughable if the situation was not so dire (23 farm workers slaughtered - with no apology or statement of regret, yesterday). The tyranny of the minority is here now. As sickeningly revealed in the Middle East, it's the US and Israel versus the rest of the world
  3. I liked this bit :)
    Got that spot on didn't he Frenchperson :oops:
  4. The author's being disingenuous, in that he knows the distinction between Jews and Zionists, however he's seeking to choose not to see the difference, and in true Mora style, to scream anti-Semitism. The French have strong links with Lebanon and are the only ones who seem to have genuine aims at stopping this Zionist slaughter (not Jewish slaughter, note)and ultimately putting a genuine buffer zone between innocent people and terror
  5. What percentage of the Israeli population support the current action. Is it something like 90%? Are they all Zionists?

    Vichy france did help with the holocaust didn't it?
  6. So we're told, but I haven't been able to check the Israeli media to see what's allowed to be broadcast or published in this Middle East beacon of democracy
  7. I heard a really good interview on Radio 4 this morning from the home of an Israeli family who's politics were stated as Left wing. They saw the war from a viewpoint that they didn't want it but there was no other option.
    I think 90% is probably right.

    I forgot to mention the Dreyfuss affair with reguard to French Anti semetism.
  8. I didn't hear the interview, but I suppose it depends what the IT is. If IT means the deliberate targetting of civilians, does this fit in with we don't want it but there's no other option?
  9. Indeed it is. Let's just take the first paragraph shall we...

    So there was "appeasement" in Britain was there? OK. So what was the US doing????

    After September 1939, was Britain still appeasing? And just what was the US doing - oh yes, it was war profiteering amoungst other things.

    Thank you Larry, you have confirmed again my belief in your desire to rewrite history as well as the future to suit your warped mind.

    And one more thing. Wasn't it 1930s Nazi Germany that was accused of victimising a minority race simply claiming that they were a threat to society. Well mister, it seems that you and your kind seem to be pretty much instep with Nazi doctrine just rewrite Muslim for Jew and hey presto! ...
  10. I don't want to get into arguements with reguard to Isreal and their prosecution of the war. I am more interested in how the Islamists are fighting.

    This piece I read today raises a good point about Hezbollahs tactics and how it has given the green light to human shield warfare.

    The rules of war
  11. FP - Look at Ha'aretz it is the left wing / liberal voice of Israeli media (although I suspect you would find it's views coming from the 'Zionist' state distasteful).

    Zionism per se dissappeared 20 years ago. The political concept is not one highup in Israeli mindset. The days of 'stockade and tower' have gone. Your average Israeli never really talks about it in daily coffee shop political debate.

    If anything, this latest round of hostilities has been a wake up call to Israel's left wing. Withdrawals do not guarantee an end hostilities.

    Israel and France have had varying relations since 1967 when subsequent to the war, France withdrew it's support which had been strong and moved more towards the arabs. Over the course of modern history France has shown itself to be up there with the best of the anti-Semites. Dreyfuss being the most extreme political example (later exonerated), Vichy France, numerous (physical) attacks on Jews, statements by the French ambassador in 2000 (?), etc.
  12. Much as I dislike the French, I don't believe their stance derives from anti-semitism. As normal, the debate descends into allegations of racism (are the Jews a race, or a religion?) as soon as someone takes a stance against Israeli actions. Oh and dig up the Dreyfus case-1906 or so? Hardly indicative of modern French anti-semitism surely? Or does Oswald Moseley, a more recent example, tar the British as fascists?
  13. Oddly enough,the Dreyfuss case propelled largely assimilated and secular Jews to look for other solutions to their non-acceptance into 'modern' societies. Thus, the modern political and secular movement of Zionism was born.

    NM - France's negative stance towards Israel is borne out of many factors. Let me just say that they have shown certain (widespread) prejudices in very recent and longer term history, take that as you will.
  14. Arik-illustrate your point, instead of making sweeping assertions. In longer term history, as you put it, every western nation has illustrated prejudice to the Jews at some point? Does that automatically make them anti-semitic today?
    Why do you term the French stance as negative towards Israel-surely calls for a ceasefire are a positive move?