1916 Parade in Dublin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by flamingo, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. I cannot understand why the 1916 parade is such a news event. It's been going on for the past 89 years and brought very little attention to the UK Media.
  2. Because unlike last year's parade which was the 89th anniversary, this year's is the 90th. Didn't you know the significance of the 90th anniversary?

    No, neither did I and who gives a fcuk anyway.
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  3. From the RTE Article...

    Only for the current crop of politcians to sell said political independence to Brussels :wink:
  4. This unstoppable process has been stopped for at least 35 years. If it ever moves agfain, exactly what direction will it go in and how will it be manifest ( a united island of Ireland?) ?
  5. no it hasn't - it was stopped in 1970 because of government worries that such nationalist sentiment (the glorification of political violence by unelected paramilitary groups) might inflame the Troubles. It was brought back in this year to try to prevent Sinn Fein from eating into Fianna Fail's vote.

    I doubt it'll even get mentioned in the UK media next year
  6. and the present government is trying to take back the 1916 Rising from Sinn Fein and their gangsters. For the last 30 years Sinn fein have been fund raising and parading in most towns and cities on Easter Sunday, claiming to be the true heirs of the uprising and using it as an emotional recruiting tool.
  7. Between 1969 and 2006 the only offical cemmoration was a small wreath laying ceremony in Kilmainman Jail where the leaders were shot.
  8. Did anyone watching the event think what a great parade it was?

    the kit was shown well, they looked good
  9. Looks like it was all very pretty.

    The report says that the reservists were on parade- is the film work drying up? Does it mean they'll be available for panto this Christmas? :twisted:
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  10. Yeah bit nippy for filming at this time of the year plus the quality of canteen food has fallen in recent years so Iv stopped applying as an extra :wink:

    It was nice to claim the day back from the scum of this island *read Sinn Fein types*
  11. Looks like it would be an interesting event to go to. Might have my Royal Munster Fusilier / Black and Tan Great-Grandad spinning in his grave if I did though :D
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    Outstanding, I don't often agree with you but here - yep.
  13. :lol: how about inviting British Army to participate in next years parade, that will really put the wind up the IRA.
  14. Did you see the state of the Irish Army. They looked like a bag of Sh@t . Their drill was terrible .
    Talk about out of step . A bunch of UK ACF would have been a damn sight smarter .