Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Jock the scot, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. My great-uncle, killed in action during WW1.

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  2. Hope you don't mind me asking but where and when was he killed?

    Do you happen to know where and when the photograph was taken?
  3. Why would he mind you asking? The bloke died around a 100 years ago.

    Nice photo by the way.
  4. .
    Respect to a fellow Sapper.
  5. Great photo.

    A friend of mine had a similar photo of his grandad or (great-grandad). He sent it off to get it professionally "colourised", i.e. changed from sepia into a colour photograph through digital editing.

    When he got the photo back, he had a real shock: because of the family genes carried down the generations, it was like looking at a passport photo of himself!

    It really hit him hard that "they" were just like "us", that his grandad had been a young lad and - if brought forward in time - could have easily passed for his brother or a mate from his platoon.
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  6. I was just being polite - a gopping civvy practise on the decline.
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  7. Three family members killed from the same village in Braishfield, Romsey.
    Edwin, buried in Cambrin, died on 6.8.16.
    Eggins Charles, buried in Arras on 23.4.17.
    Frank, buried a few hundred yards from the memorial in Braishfield, died 4.2.1920 due to wounds.

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  8. Am I right to assume it is Edwin in the photo?

    I see from the CWGC website that they were both 2nd Hampshire men. So it isn't an RE badge in the photo but a Hampshires badge?

    Did one or other or both fight at Gallipoli then? Even though Eggins would have been slightly underage. The 2nd Hampshires were involved in the landing at V beach at Cape Helles. I noticed that there was an Edward Goulding, also 2nd Hampshires, killed in December 1915 at Gallipoli - not related? I'm guessing not as he evidently wasn't from Braishfield.

    Very interesting, thanks for posting.
  9. Dukie94,
    I've been researching my family history since retiring and have come up with five people killed in action and several others who lived through the wars. I'm not sure if they served at Gallipoli, it wasn't mentioned by my nan who gave me the old photos.
    I'm also finding out a bit more about the trawler Nisus that was sunk off Scotland in WW2 and HMS Glowworm also in WW2.
    Photo here isn't army but RM I think might have been taken at Gallipoli due to their uniforms but no paperwork to back it up.
    My relative's back left on the first photo and third from the right on the second photo leaning against the wall.

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  10. Medal card.

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  11. Did they have the Lewis Gun in Gallipoli?
  12. I have his full RM original service record, it just gives the ships and units he served with so will have to check where the units were. I think Lewis guns served in all theatres of war but could be wrong.
  13. Good ol' Wiki says it's a WW1 era LMG.
  14. Yes.
  15. @ Jock the Scot: you realise that the first pic of RM relative is post-WWI? He and the Corporal are wearing the Pip, Squeak and Wilfred which makes that pic at least 1920.