19 years olds showing their Pussies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Al-the-Gee 1698, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. Take the cat off her before she eats the poor bloody thing.
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  2. If she turns to food EVERY time something bad happens in her life, she's got no chance. Shit happens - as all of us know, and have to deal with.
  3. At the risk of being insufficiently cruel in the NAAFI, these behemoths aren't always the sole authors of their own misfortune. There is the phenomenon of the 'feeder' - usually a carer, parent, or partner - who urges truckloads of pies on someone in order to build and/or maintain that person's 'need' for them.

    Either that or they're just gluttons who should be towed out to sea and sunk by Naval gunfire.
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  4. “She’s stuck by me for years and I’ve come to trust her a lot.”

    Surprised The Sun didn't misquote that as “She’s stuck by me through thick and thicker and I’ve come to trust her a lot.”
  5. I just knew this wasn't what I thought it would be.

    Check out the cat the fat fuck is holding.....its scared shitless....perhaps it can see into the future and sees something like this happening....

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  6. [Either that or they're just gluttons who should be towed out to sea and sunk by Naval gunfire.[/QUOTE]

    I don't think that we've got any ships left for a task of that magnitude.
  7. £100,000 to dismantle a house in Aberdare?
    That would be the whole town surely.
  8. No, that was the total cost. A tenner to a navvy to knock the first one down with a few blows of his sledgehammer. £99,990 to rebuild the other houses which spontaneously collapsed at the same time.
  9. Like the fact i got a pop up at the bottom saying that by using this site i agree to " cookies ".
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  10. I think cookies are last thing young Georgia needs.
  11. the cat looks terrified, and the other one only stands next toi her to not look fat
  12. My theory is that Sian only hangs out with Georgia so that people don't notice that she's a bit of a porker herself.
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  13. Now the BIG question ........................................ WOULD YOU??????
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  14. I'll take up the slack for you [jack bastard]

    The fucking fat sponging whore. A 2 bed council house for a 19yr old childless female. 9 months at a fat camp in the US. £100k to get her out of her bedroom FFS. I'd have just set light to the place, she'd soon get out then.

    The fucking porker has cost us the entire healthcare budget of several african countries and all because she hasn't the fucking sense to see that eating pizzas washed down with sunny delight all day everyday and never moving from your bed is going to make you the size of a planet.

    There is only one reason she is like this. It's not depression 'cos her dad died (of what? Starvation? because he could get past her to get to the fridge?) it's a lack of good old fashioned vicious bullying. If she'd been told by everyone that she is a disgusting fat smelly monster she'd soon put down the cake. If when she complained about bullying to teachers and other adults they'd echoed that view with at least 'Well you are overweight' or at best 'Fucking hell. You should have your own post code' she wouldn't have carried on strip mining the planet for calories.

    I used to be a fat cunt and I thank relentless bullying bordering on me self harming to my remarkable weight loss. Not slimfast or joining a gym. Just eating right, eating less. And I've kept the weight off for years.
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