19 year old with the Royal Artillery looking for support

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by TankersAngel, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. There is a 19 year old Gunner who looks for moral support.

    This is what he said:
    If you want to support this Soldier you can donate a "male care package" by using the Shop and marking this care package with "Royal Artillery" (there is a box where you can leave a note) or write a letter and adresse it to:

    Soldiers' Angels Europe
    Moral Boost
    Attn: Miss Weiland
    Postfach 10 02 06
    48051 Münster

    Also, there are some Scots Guards and a guy from the RMP. They too look for some moral support. There is always the way to send some "Any Soldiers Letters" or simply Post Cards, they'll be put in the Care Packages and sent out.

    These are the packages that went out today http://soldiersangelseurope.org/?p=287, we have so many Soldiers that I am stretched thin and I am really glad for every donation and if its just 4 Euros, it will help and every single cent goes straight to the Soldiers.
  2. Thanks for the Bump.

    These are the ways to help Soldiers Angels Europe: http://soldiersangelseurope.org/?page_id=285

    Please, we mainly have troops from the UK and they do find their way to us. Every single cent and letter counts, I really need help. Don't just say that we are doing a wonderful job, if you think we are doing a wonderful job donate a couple of pounds because with just respect we can't send any care packages to the Troops and because we are mostly asked to keep their information confidential we can't run an "adopt a Soldier" program as Soldiers Angels does.

    Meanwhile we have requests for:


    Hygiene Items:

    toothbrush & toothpaste
    soap & showergel
    toilet paper
    after sun
    foot powder
    Baby Wipes


    dried fruits
    tacco chips
    microwaveable popcorn
    all sorts of candy
    microwavable food
    all different sorts of nuts
    canned food


    CD’s (Rock & all sorts of New Age and Heavy Metal)
    Books (Thrillers & Fantasy)
    X-Box Games
    Poker Cards
    Magazines & Newspaper

    There are also requests for Shirts with the british Flag (can't get that in Germany), Flags, basebalcaps with the british flag. So if anyone can send any of these items I'd be thankful forever.

    and LETTERS, LETTERS, LETTERS. They want to hear from back home.

    If you want to send any goods you can use the adresse above.
  3. Send him to the Sar'nt Major. He'll be the man for a cuddle.
  4. Just mailed the organiser. I get all kinds of mags and would like to send them on after reading rather than recycling them.
  5. Righto I'll send him a saucy postcard from Shanghai.
  6. € 100 donated box head :D
  7. Done. Can you make sure you spend it on Haribo and jazz mags?
  8. Yes, I've received your email :)

    yep, Haribo and jazz mags. :)

    One of the Scots Guards suggested to send a "Life Guard" Package including DVD's from Baywatch, was that one of you guys? :rofl:
  9. Ahem, jazz mags do not mean Readers' Wives. You need to go a bit further up the shelf for the proper stuff. Can you make sure the Haribo are the Fizzy Face ones? Ta x
  10. Wow, when you guys get on the roll no one can stop you, huh? That is amazing. There are even Soldiers who donate for their buddies. That is awesome!!! Thank you guys so much. :D
  11. This is what we have received so far. Most of them were received through weekend so the packages will go out this week http://soldiersangelseurope.org/?p=292

    Pictures of packages and list of the stuff that was sent out will follow :)

    Thanks to all of you that took part in this. Without you we could not do this.

    *Angel Hugs*

    :hug: :flower: