19 Year old wins GC in TELIC?

Why is this man only getting the GC. If you look at the medals list (available in any good clothing store) you will see that the GC is only given to personnel who are not involved with conflict with the enemy (as it says so on the top). The man was at war and deserves to be correctly decorated. Good work fella ....
See the earlier thread about this - it was the GC because his gallantry was in the face of the Americans, not the enemy (though the difference may have been lost on him at the time).


it goes to show that this generation is not completely lost, they are not all glue sniffing smackheads.

im glad someone so young has shown courage in the line of fire.
So politics will play the part in this VB. Although the trooper did not know this at the time when he was pulling his friends out of the burning CVRT. Shame. Ref old thread.... i have been away. Again..... Good work fella.
You are right, it is a technicality that had the rounds been fired by the enemy he would have been awarded the VC, and not the GC. What must be remembered though is that the GC and VC have equal standing, and so he hasn't been given a lesser award than he would have got had they been Iraqi rounds and not American that landed on his tank.
Im sure the others who see the blue ribbon on his No2s will admit that semantics and politics play no part and will give the chap the respect he so rightly deserves. GC or VC, not many get them and are able to show them off whilst still breathing.

And as a point to note, it appears to be his first medal!! Good start.

Bloody well done mate. Much respect!

Bit of a talking point each time he pops his ginger marching suit on!! No explanation required.
Many years, and medals I have gained for doing diddly. Mine fall into insignificance against the bravery of that young MAN. So do those of 95% of the British Army today. He is a credit to the army, his unit, his comrades, his family and most of all to those he so selflessly saved. He is one of those true heroes. Let us all hope the army do not let this man go or screw him around out of jealousy. It has happened before.

Top Banana Tpr Finney.
Respect to the young chap. It is refreshing to see there is still some spunk left in the young uns.

Point of curiosity. I believe Iam right in saying that if you were to meet a VC holder, who was wearing it, it is protocol to salute their gallantry. or is this a myth? Also does it extend to the GC too?

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