19 regt ra


I've been thinking about joining the RA and have finally decided to apply for 19 regt
being a jock i have my heart set on serving with a scotish regiment! What i was wondering is how long i can expect to wait between selection and phase one. If anyone can give me a rough idea i'd appreciate it! Cheers
That depends on how much effort you put into selection!

A grades are allocated onto the next available intake.
B grade are allocated 6 months before the start date
C grades= 3 months
D grade= try again! They will leave you waiting until 6 weeks before the intake date. (thereby allowing those with better grades to get the jobs)

So the question is, when are the next RA intakes?

Answer: October 50 odd places, November 73 places!!

So if u passed selection today with a B grade, you'll get allocated very soon!
Pass with a C grade, u will wait till mid/end of July to get the October intake and if that's full u will wait till august to get allocated for November!
Remember, those vacancies are being taken every time someone passed with a B grade at the moment, as it's within 6 months!

To top it off, you're joining the Gunners, not 19regt. Once your in training you'll do a posting preference, there you'll request 19regt and hopefully get it, 95% you will, but ultimately...your joining the Army and will go where your told.

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