19 Regt RA Larkhill


I am posted to 19 Regt RA in Larkhill and wondered if anyone could PM me a number for the WKSPS/LAD there please.
I have tried all the usual means of getting numbers and the number i have got i can never get a reply.
In Particular a number for the Armourer would be good.

Thanks in advance
I just googled it. The LAD dont have a number on the 19 regt site but there is a number for recruiting the planks, I'm sure if you phoned that they'd help you out.

Clickety here.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 01241 822164 Ext 2058
e-mail: highland.gunners@virgin.net
Anyone with more time on there hands might come up with a more direct approach.

I assume you've tried 192 on the military net?
i phoned them a while ago. I phoned 192, asked for the guardroom, and asked for the extension number for the workshops. i had no problems.
Hope this helps
I know its been almost a week but did you get through to 19? If you can wait till monday coming I have all the LAD/Ftr Sect Numbers on my desk and I'll PM them to you.

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