19 Regt RA LAD

Hi all, (will post this on the Gunners forum too!)

Just got my posting order to 19 Regt in July and was wondering what it's like in terms of SFA as well as the LAD in general.

Any info on it would be tops!

19 was my last posting and tbh they couldn't organise anything, it was all very last minute dot com!
The LAD changed alot when 'management' changed.
Larkhill is a bit pants and the SFA's are nothing special. The area is pretty and there are plenty of walks! Taxi's cost a fortune and the pub 'wilsons' is a craphole!
Good luck!
Dockers has an amazing outlook on life, rather like Marvin the paranoid android from HHGTTG.

The Highland Gunners always treated the Wksp/LAD well; to be honest they could have been far worse. The 'management' headed off more shoite than you can imagine and imho it was no worse than any other Gunner Regiment, it certainly beat being at 39 Regiment in Sennelager - how the fcuk do you iron a crease in a cravat made from a scrim scarf again?

Larkhill has plenty to offer in the way of facilities, with Tidders and Bulford being a spit away there's more than enough opportunity to keep up with any sport or pastime.

Salisbury is just down the road for shopping and stuff and it's pretty decent on the lash. As Dockers says it's dear on taxis, but as they say life is what you make it.

Oi Dockers please tell me you aint on your tiffy course!
having left 19 two years ago i can tell you that the unit is top draw.

Doc0375, stop whinging your gonna be a tiffy soon!!! GHU. You haven't changed, get a grip!!!

Its true to say that Larkhill is a bit dated but get yourself away each weekend. Both Southampton and Bournemouth are quality on the lash and are within an hour. In the other direction you have Bristol/Bath.

You need to make the most of your time in the unit, the gunners are great and like See_You_Next_Tuesday said they welcome the LAD with open arms.

Its same old REME, if you put barriers up against the parent unit you will always be worse off. Make time for them and they will make time for you!!!!
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