19 Polish soldiers killed in air crash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. their casa 295 crashed while in the landing cycle in Poland, very sad, RIP lads :(

    The actual aircraft
  2. For those of us who don't read Polish!

    From the BBC:

    A military transport plane has crashed near the north-western Polish town of Miroslawiec, killing at least seven of the 18 people on board, officials say.

    Fire service spokesman Pawel Fratczak told TVN24 the Casa C-295M came down in a wood while attempting to land at a Polish air force base, causing a fire.

    The Polish Air Force said the plane had 14 passengers and four crew. Earlier, officials said 10 were on board.

    The emergency services are continuing to search for survivors.

    Click on link for more.

    Sad news, my thoughts are with their families.
  3. Sorry I looked for English sources they didn't come up.
  4. RIP, but talk about ironic deaths:

  5. Indeed. Perhaps returning from joint EU/Indonesian air safety conference in Bandung.

    Very sorry to hear this. Poland (said to be one of the most 'atlanticist' countries in Europe, even after the changes in government, and set to take on a greater role in Afghanistan) is among the countries where BAFF has had the most contact with our counterparts during the past year.
  6. RIP to all that lost their lives
  7. Bless them, and all they hold dear.
  8. A terrible loss.All 18 persons on board were killed.

    These included the commanders of 8 and 40 elt,Sukhoi SU-22 squadrons and several Polish Air Force pilots.

    The crashed aeroplane was only around 6 months old.Ironic when you consider the much older Russian built Antonov AN-26 and Yakolev YAK-40 transports the Polish Air Force have flown for many years.

    This is the first crash of a Casa 295.One of 10 operated by Poland,with further examples on order.

    RIP to all killed.A very sad loss.
  9. Unloaded a couple of those at a top secret base in Wiltshire before now, thoroughly nice chaps all.
  10. Thanks to a post on PPrune,the crashed aeroplane entered service on 1 August 2007 and had a total of 393 flying hours at the time of the crash.

    The remaining 9 Casa 295M have been grounded.

    A total of 20 persons on board,4 crew and 16 passengers.

    Operated by the 13 Eskandra lotnictwa Transportlowego(13.eltr),based at Krakow-Balice.

    A very sad loss.RIP to all.
  11. Terrible waste of life. RIP
  12. Names of the victims:

    From 1st Tactical Air Force Brigade in Swidwin:
    general (OF-06) Andrzej Andrzejewski
    colonel (OF-04) Zdzislaw Cieslik
    major (OF-03) Robert Maj
    major (OF-03) Miroslaw Wilczynski

    From 12th Air Base in Miroslawiec:
    colonel (OF-05) Jerzy Pilat
    colonel (OF-04) Dariusz Pawlak

    From 8th Tactical Squadron in Miroslawiec :
    major (OF-03) Grzegorz Julga
    captain (OF-02) Pawel Zdunek
    captain (OF-02) Karol Szmigiel

    From 21st Air Base in Swidwin:
    colonel (OF-05) Dariusz Maciag
    major (OF-03) Piotr Firlingier

    From 22nd Air Base in Malbork:
    colonel (OF-04) Zbigniew Ksiazek

    From 40. Tactical Squadron in Swidwin:
    colonel (OF-04) Wojciech Maniewski
    captain (OF-02) Leszek Ziemski
    captain (OF-02) Grzegorz Stepaniuk

    major (OF-03) Krzysztof Smólka from Air Force Command

    CASA C-295M 019 crew:
    major (OF-03) Jaroslaw Haladus
    lieutenant (OF-01) Robert Kuzma
    lieutenant (OF-01) Michal Smyczynski
    sergeant (OR-06) Janusz Adamczyk