19 inch LCD Monitor

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. 19 inch Hanns.g LCD tft monitor


    Brand spankers and delivered kindly donated by 'Remfy'

    Looks like they go for around £135 so lets see what damage we can do.
  2. Thanks M_D_N :D

    I will list model number, and add piccys tomorrow.

    Just to confirm monitors are brand new and come with a 3 year manufacturers direct warranty.

    Can be shipped to any UK, BFPO address.

    I am sure you can do some damage :D
  3. Hello,

    maybe putting this in the ARRSE Online Gaming and Computer Advice thread would generate more interest?

  4. I'll keep it in here, but perhaps someone could chuck a link in that geek forum?
  5. Hello minister_doh_nut,

    consider it done.

  6. Just to quickly confirm the 2 models available.

    They are the:



    Full specs are here:

    HQ191 Specs-PDF File 2.08MB In Size



    Full specs are here:

    HS191 Specs-PDF File 1.2MB In Size

    For quick specs and full details check the Hanns-G website for the model numbers


    Thanks, a great start.

    If you could put preferred model for any bids, I can make sure you get the one you want :D
  7. Hello remfy,

    the HQ191DP would do me.
    I can't believe nobody else is bidding on this.

  8. I'll close this down at 19:00hrs tonight
  9. I will throw in £150. Call me reckless :roll:

  10. Last minute bump :D
  11. Fastmedic the proud owner


    Thanks Remfy much appreciated
  12. Thanks to remfy and MDN. Happy medic :wink: