19 CSS Bn Kinnegar...

Hi all. Im due to start at 19 CSS on the 22nd November and the woman at the Hive couldnt really help with the posting pack so just wondered if anybody else could shed light on the place for me?

Car insurance costs/Diesel etc.
The place in general.
Z Type accomodation?
Flights from belfast to mainland etc?

Well according to the HIVE lady and Junior NCO's that have previously been to Ireland we get more than people in England but less than Germany. Approx an extra £6 a day.

As for the other things i could quite easily have googled butt i was asking the question from a point of view where somebody who had recently been posted or is still serving over there could answer :)

Thanks anyway.
I've not been posted to Kinnegar but spent 3 years in Lisburn just along the road. I left in 2007 but hoping to get posted to 19CSS soon. As far as I believe you still get the £6ish a day extra. Not sure if you still get the NI long weekends still but that used to be 3 long weekends that were to be taken out of province and also came with 3 travel warrants. Kinnegar is right beside Palace barracks just outside Belfast, it is literally minutes from George Best Belfast City Airport, flights from there are run by BMI and FlyBE. It is possible to get return flights to pretty much any airport in the UK for about £60. There is also Belfast International Airport about 20 minutes away in Aldergrove and flights from there are by EasyJet. Belfast is a great night out on the lash and heading the opposite way you have Bangor and Newtownards, both decent days out for drinking in the summer. Car Insurance is a little bit more expensive in NI as car crime in the province is/was the highest in Britain. Again don't know if it is still applicable, but you used to be able to get your price for insurance in province then get a quote for an SW1 postcode in London and claim back the difference through the army. I managed to get £350 back using it when I was there. Petrol prices are pretty much on a par with the mainland, and depending where you go back on leave to on UK there is also the option of ferries. There are cheap enough ferries to Stranraer in Scotland run by Stena Line and ferries to Birkenhead/Liverpool run by Norfolkline. Anything else you want to ask, I'll try to answer for you.

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