19 Combat Service Support Battalion will be disbanded

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tiffy_A_Mech, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. The Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010 (SDSR10) directed that the Army should restructure from 6 deployable Brigades to 5 Multi-Role Brigades (MRBs). Secretary of State has agreed that 19 Lt Bde should be disbanded.

    As part of this plan the Brigade Headquarters and Signals Squadron, 40th Regiment Royal Artillery, 38 Engineer Regiment and 19 Combat Service Support Battalion will be disbanded.

  2. This was always going to happen anyway wasnt it. Regardless of SDSR.
  3. And how much did it cost to move them from Catterick, Ripon and Topcliffe, never mind what it will cost to close down. I am glad my 2 year no pay rise is going in the usual direction. Mind you, they could become TA without the recruiting costs and deploy on Herrick according to schedule!!
  4. It can only be a good thing to lose 19css Bn, not only was the CO and I believe QM sacked for failing an ECI re-insp (how a REME Bn fails an ECI I'll never know even if it is half Retards Last Chance) it was an embarrassment to the Corps.

    I had the pleasure of working quite closely with that particular unit in the not so distant past and it was a complete and utter shambles, the trade skills were non existent, the attitude of the tradesmen was abysmal, the discipline was atrocious, morale was through the floor and all in all it was the most disheartening experience of my REME career. I firmly lay the blame for all this at the door of the officers and SNCO's of the said unit, the junior members of the Bn were let down by weak leadership, bad management and a definite lack of direction.

    The news of the closure of this unit leaves me with mixed feelings, on one hand I am glad this blight on the Corps will be erased from existence but my worry is what will happen to the people that allowed this mess to happen in the first place. My hope is that they shall be spread to the four winds and become the leaders that their Sandhurst and Artificer courses must have instilled in them at one time, here's hoping.

    Arte Et Marte!
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Err, so you didn't think much of them, then?.... :)

    And yes, I'd heard that this was on the cards ages ago, come to thinkof it probably even before the SDSR was a twinkle in Dr Fox's eye.
  6. Arrr not fussed either way to be honest. ;)
  7. Was this by chance the unit known in a previous generation as 8 Fd Wksp in Colchester.?
  8. No, I believe 19 CSS are based in norn iron, 8 Fd Wksp (one of my old units) is now a Wksp Coy but from which Bn I know not
  9. 8 Fd Wksp was part of 24 Air Mobile CSS Bn (akin to 19 CSS) - Our last DEME(A) was CO there and even wore an RLC stablebelt!!. When 16 Air Asslt Bde formed, 8 Fd Coy (then renamed 8 CS Coy) became part of 7 Air Asslt Bn and the RLC element became 13 Air Asslt Sp Regt RLC
  10. Nice one. We just need to get rid of the rest of the ******* battalions now and have properly manned and equipped LADs, with solid DSG support. Imagine that, Armourers and Metalsmiths where they are needed.

    All the Bn do for me at present is release assemblies from stock and carry out welding jobs 6 months after they've been requested.
  11. Hang on spaz, didn't we have this sort of system in the 80s and early 90s before the Bn structure? A serious retrograde step if you ask me. The next suggestion you will make is that you have a LAD run by ASM and SNCOs Tiffys or otherwise , with 1 officer to act as the CO go between. Not on old chap, what would all the REME officers do all day.
  12. That's how my unit works, the EME does MS, goes to prayers and keeps his beak out of the ASM's business. In my opinion the Corps could manage with far fewer REME Officers, although we do need to be represented at a high level.
  13. But wasn't the whole idea of having Bn structure to improve senior level representation. At least this is what we were told back in 1992. Personally at the time I thought it was just jobs for the chaps alongside having non spec ASMs to increase the ECE influence, maybe I was right after all.
  14. It can only be a good thing to lose 19css Bn, not only was the CO and I believe QM sacked for failing an ECI re-insp (how a REME Bn fails an ECI I'll never know even if it is half Retards Last Chance) it was an embarrassment to the Corps.

    At least the consistencey factor was there, they couldn't pass one in Catterick either. I thought that was why they moved hoping for sympathy with a new ECI Team.
  15. You mean make job for Senior Tiffies/Officers...yes that was the cunning plan and as said above we are going full circle.get the lads back in the LADs where we can give better support to units, know the kit better and be doing our job again.